Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Jay Drick's Judicial Race makes the Argus

From the Argus

Campaign literature from Jay Drick, one of two candidates hoping to unseat incumbent District Judge Theresa Brennan, says Brennan doesn't reflect the community's values, is a liberal, and bases her rulings on ideology.
The handout also points out that Brennan was appointed by Gov. Jennifer Granholm, and urges voters not to "let the Democrat governor choose your district judge."

But judicial races are designated as nonpartisan by state law, meaning that political parties are not supposed to come into play.

Drick, who is a member of the Livingston County Republicans' Executive Committee, said his goal with the literature was to inform new county residents that Brennan was appointed, not elected.

"We have a lot of newcomers in this county. My literature is essentially pointing out to newcomers that when you go to the polls, do not wrongly think a majority of Livingston County voters some six or eight years ago voted in this judge," he said.

I got the same handout. It was relatively minor when it comes to partisan rhetoric (as least compared to what I've written on this race) It's similar to what is seen at his website. The main point Jay wants to point out about his opponent is that she was appointed by Granholm and was never elected by Livingston County voters. The final decision is made by us, not by somebody from Lansing or Wayne County. I think that's an issue.

As for Jay, he has 30 years of experience in several areas of practice. He's a strict constitutionalist as opposed to a judicial activist. He has one of the calmest temperments of any attorney I know. I've never seen him lose his temper or even become visably agaitated.

Jay would be an excellent judge in Livingston County.


Kevins said...

Here we go again. Did anyone doubt this was coming? We saw this arrogance in the school board race with the republicans trying to make a nonpartisan race into a one about political power. It’s not enough they control every partisan office, now they want the nonpartisan ones too.

They're trying to paint someone who has lived in Livingston County her entire life, grew up here, was educated here and has worked and practiced law here her entire life as out of touch with the community. How, Dan? What does political “ideology” have to do with being a district judge? The only thing that makes Jay Drick qualified to be a judge is he’s an attorney, and he’s a member of the Livingston County republican executive committee. Mr. Drick doesn’t have nearly the experience Judge Brennan has. The more I see of this race and what I am hearing privately I’m starting to lose respect for Mr. Drick.
In Drick’s hit literature he tries to paint Judge Brennan as a liberal because she “spent $125,000 in 2000 to unseat Circuit Judge Stanley J. Latreille, whom Drick called "conservative." This is the same Judge who was once a reporter for the Detroit News, so how can a journalist possibly be a conservative, at least by your thinking.

It was also not brought out that Mr. Drick came in third out of four in 2004 when he also made an unsuccessful run at district judge. By your thinking, Mr. Drick is a liberal because Judge Geddis and Brian Brown can be described as “conservatives.”

There are some really funny quotes from Cindy Pine, the chair of the county gop, in this story that were left out of the post.

County Republicans bucked tradition this year when they made endorsements in some school board races, which also are nonpartisan. And Chairwoman Cindy Pine said that is likely to continue, although the committee has not decided whether to issue endorsements for the August primaries. (Gee, is there any doubt they will endorse drick, without any interviews)
"We find a lot of traditionally nonpartisan positions becoming politicized," she said. "Maybe it reflects our polarization as a society."(I wonder whose fault that is, certainly not the power hungry, power at all costs republicans)

"I think there's a good reason judicial races are nonpartisan: The public needs assurance that the judge will be fair and not put partisanship above the law," she said. "But there is a strong trend toward politicalization and polarization." (Can someone please tell me how a district judge can inject partisanship into their rulings?)

Anonymous said...

They may not be able to at this level, but if the judge wishes to move up to Circit or Appeals Court- there is a lot of legislating from the bench that goes on. If it does, I want it to be conservative.

RKG said...

I was appalled by Drick's attack. First, I have asked and asked again to name one instance in which Brennan made a single decision from the bench which reflected her political ideology and not one single person has offered one example. The simple reality is that a district court judge does not have the opportunity to make decisions based on being a democrat or a republican but that doesn't seem to stop the criticism of Brennan - it just means that the criticisim is really just that she's not one of us. I find it ironic and deeply troubling that the unspoken message in Drick's attack is that because he is one of us, his decisions will reflect that ideology. In other words, the very type of judge of he wants us not have - one who deicides cases based on ideology - is the very type of judge he will be. Every single person who values an independent judiciary should be offended and refuse to support Drick. I'm confident the voters will see him for what he is and reject his candicy. Maybe then the boneheads calling the shots for the Livingston County Republicans will get the message that no good is served by injecting partisanship in races that are non-partisan.

Anonymous said...

Drick's attack??? What attack? This wasn't any press release by Drick. This was a reporter trying to create a story where there wasn't one.
As a friend of his, I'll tell you that Drick was asked two questions by the reporter, and answered them.
This article wasn't his idea by any means.

Kevins said...

How often does someone’s campaign literature mention the opponent? Not often. You know full well it was an attack.
Frankly I have no problem with attack ads. They are as American as apple pie, and they even attacked George Washington. However, for the most part, when we see this kind of stuff it’s because the person doing the attacking cannot stand on their own merits and experience. Clearly, Drick does not have the experience Judge Brennan has. Also, the claims in the attack should be true, and clearly these were not.
Saying Brennan doesn't reflect the community's values is laughable, and saying she bases her rulings on ideology is even more outragaous. All it shows is desperation. There’s a third candiate in this race. Why were there no attacks on her?

Anonymous said...

Independent non-partisian judiciary? Do you read the same news as everyone else?

Supreme Court nominations have been highly political for years but Democrat attacks on recent nominees reached new lows as Democrats refused to support candidates simply because of the nominees supposed views on abortion.

Democrats have also played politics with many appeals courts nominations.

The reason that judicial candidates are now examined so closely is due to the tendency of judges to legislate from the bench. By stepping in and usurping the power of the legislative branch judges now wield considerable power. At one time it did not matter who was appointed judge because the roles of judges were limited. But now that they often decide policy both political parties are scrambling to get their people into key positions.

The way to end this insanity is to force judges to return to their traditional role as arbitor and get them away from creating policy.

Anonymous said...

If you are so worried about judge races becoming partisan, why don't you hypocrites talk about the way that judges get campaign money from businesses and unions? For example, do you really believe that the U.A.W. is supporting Brennan because she is a qualified judge, and not because they know that someday she may have to decide a case that they have an interest in?

Also, if judge races are so non-partisan, why did Granholm appoint an activist liberal Democrat? Why doesn't she ever appoint any conservative Republicans?

Anonymous said...

Jay Drick just showed he's not ready to be a judge. He cearly doesn't have the temperment. Semms a little dimwitted to me.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - the "dimwitt" would be you, the one that can't spell. Yes, I would be taking your advice to the bank!

Anonymous said...

Brennan is a liberal, pro-choice woman. If she moves up the ranks to Circut Court or even higher, her political leanings will come into play. The last thing we need is another liberal legislating from the bench.

Kevins said...

Yes I read the same news as you, and accusing only Democrats of attacking Supreme Court nominees and playing politics with appeals courts nominations is ridiculous. Both parties do it, and you know that. The U.S. Supreme Court is a long way from the 53rd District Court in Livingston County.

If you want an example of “legislating from the bench” you need to take a look at what the conservatives did in 2000 in Gore vs. Bush. It’s the conservative judges who are more, or at least equal, activist judges than progressive judges. It’s shameful when Supreme Court Justices are duck hunting with the Vice-President and still hear their case.

If you want to see examples of “usurping the power of the legislative branch” take a look at what the bush administration is doing.

Kevins said...

I agree with you 100 percent, anonymous. Then I take it that you, like I, support public financing of political campaigns. Great.

Yes, the race is nonpartisan. But please tell me what is wrong with supporting the people who support you. She’s qualified, she knows the governor and the governor trusts her. Why not appoint her?

The governor has a track record of appointing good people, no matter what party they are from. She just appointed Randy Richardville to the Michigan Education Trust Board of Directors. He’s a republican from Monroe who used to be the Majority Floor Leader in the House, and he’s ruining for Senate in a targeted race.

Kevins said...

Anonymous, the only thing I know for sure is true in your post is that Judge Brennan is a woman. The rest may be true, but frankly, what does it matter? Now, when she runs for Michigan Supreme Court then her party affiliation would most likely matter. If was ever nominated for a Federal Judgeship, then maybe her position on abortion may be an issue. However, she is running for reelection to District Court Judge, and she is the most qualified of the three candidates with the most experience.

Anonymous said...

I have an anonymous opinion on all of this. As an anonymous individual, I anonymously concur with anonymous - of course.

You know me to be a sincere guy, so I know you agree. Wait a minute! You can't know me! I'm anonymous!

At any rate, if this is all true, then you can't credit me. And, if is not true, you certainly can't blame me.


Well, it's quite simple. I have no discernable identity.

Anonymous said...


Brennan is not running for re-election. She was appointed by her pal. It is time for us to speak, we don't want her. Plain and simple.

Kevins said...

Sorry anonymous, Judge Brennan is the incumbent running for reelection.

Republican Michigander said...

Brennan was never elected. She's technically running to finish Hegarty's term. While she is the "incumbent", it's not re-election.

Anonymous said...

Hey staight shooter.

She's a judge, that makes her an incumbent.

Doesn't matter how you slice dice or spin it my dear, she is the incumbent.

Now quit trying to say otherwise, it's just not true.

Republican Michigander said...

I didn't deny she was the incumbent. I denied she was running for re-election. There's a difference.

Kevins said...

I know your trying to be a spin master, but conme on. Incumbents run for reelection. Get real dan and anonymous. Stop tryign to play word games.

Anonymous said...

Jay Drick does not have the judicial temperment needed to be judge. The message he chose for his campaign has proven that he is not ready for prime time.