Friday, June 02, 2006

Coming Soon - SAFR-PAC's Second Amendment Endorsements

The Second Amendment Organization "Shooters Alliance for Firearms Rights" is going to soon release some of their endorsements for 2006. Currently, no final decisions have been made. Surveys, records, and statements are all looked at with the following ratings. Acceptable, Unacceptable, or in rare cases, a "mixed" rating. Endorsements are not easy to get as we are usually tougher than the NRA is. The 2004 endorsements are still on the site.

I have not seen all of the surveys, and I will not speculate anything until decisions are made, as some may come in at the last minute. There is also over 50 pages of voting records that will be gone over as well. I will say that there is one rule for all congressional, state representative, gubenatorial, and state senate races. No survey - No endorsement.


Anonymous said...

Four boxes guarantee our freedom:
They are:

1, the Soap Box;
2. the Ballot Box;
3. the Jury Box; and
4. the Cartridge Box.

Kevins said...

“Shooters Alliance for Firearms Rights.” Wow, that’s a well-known mainstream group. We’ll be waiting with baited breath for those endorsments.

Anonymous said...

Would anyone expect kevins, alias "kindergarten carper", to say anything positive, interesting, or informative?

Kevins said...

Ah, another sparkling example of debate from the wing nuts. When you can’t back up your positions with facts, reason or logic go to name calling, and the after the way I have kicked your but I expected this. Thank you for the compliment.