Monday, June 12, 2006


State House District 1-8 finished.

Today, I had about six hours of "fun" called the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) - the Law School version of the ACT/SAT. It's even more fun fighting through a lingering (since Wednesday) bad cold while taking the test. If my roughest section was the ungraded experimental part as I suspect, I think I did alright. Cautiously Optimistic. We'll see.

Last Sunday had a great letter to the editor in the Argus. I don't know Mr Webber, but that was one of the best letters I've seen in a long time.

What’s happening to our county?

Who are these people? And why are they so hell-bent to change the personality of Livingston County?
It was the rural charm and uniqueness that brought most of us to this area in the first place. I hardly recognize downtown Brighton anymore, and I can’t remember when I had an uncluttered view of the Mill Pond.

Who are these people who insist that we need a half-dozen pharmacies when Uber’s Drugs was doing just fine?

They tell us that we need not only one ridiculous roundabout, but that we now need one at each end of town. They form a committee and try to pass off this crap scattered around town as art, and I’m not talking about the mutant with the penis. At least I can tell what that is supposed to be. Everyone is trying to tell me what I want in my town.

And now I have to listen to Rob Britton in the June 6 paper (letter, “We don’t need guns to be safe”) spout off about gun control. I agree that unattended children need to leave guns alone, but just telling them won’t work.

Anyone with children knows that actions sometimes speak louder than words. Organizations like the Howell Gun Club provide a great service in educating children and adults in the proper handling of firearms. They should be commended on the work they are doing.

I don’t know where Mr. Britton gets his impression that the “gun-toting citizenry of Livingston County” are driving around drunk in their SUVs, but I think that he’s been watching a few too many shoot-’em-up movies.

The legal firearm owners of Livingston County include doctors, lawyers, teachers, accountants and storeowners, to name a few. You must be a well-educated man, Mr. Britton, being a spouse of a teacher, but you and others like you must look toward educating, not abolishing, when it comes to guns in our community.

Livingston County is growing fast and so will the crime rate. It’s only a matter of time. The Constitution gives us the right to own a gun, and the CCW laws in Michigan give us the right to carry one.

So you protect your loved ones with the philosophy of Sober & Unarmed and I’ll protect mine with Smith & Wesson.

Rob Webber


Anonymous said...

He makes his points in a very sincere, plain spoken way.

Up until a few years ago Livingston County was a sparsely populated, rural, and working class region. A lot of people have been attracted to this county since 1990, many of them well educated and high income.

It is ironic that most of the people moving in come for the slow paced rural atmosphere, but the first thing new residents want are paved roads, lots of resturants and shopping, and city services. But as the area gets more civilized it in turn attracts lots of new residential development, destroying the rural atmosphere that attracted newer residents in the first place.

This is the same cycle that we've seen over and over since WWII. One hundred years ago Dearborn, Ferndale, Royal Oak, etc . . . were just small surburban/country towns outside of Detroit, but now they are part of the urban landscape. One hundred years from now Livingston County will likely be just another heavily urbanized area of Southeast Michigan, and people will need to move further north or southwest to find a more rural atmosphere.

So, while it is sad to see things changing, it does not seem likely that this trend is going to change or slow down any time soon.

Kevins said...

Dan, if that’s “the best letter you have read in a long time” then you have not read many letters. There’s a much better letter in today’s P & A from Jim Swonk on bush’s illegal wiretaps.
This kind of letter is so typical of people who move to Livingston County to get away from growth and then want to shut the door behind them. The only solution to this guy’s beef is zero population growth, and that’s impossible. Hell, contraception is a dirty word to republicans, and yet they want people to stop needing new places to live. His sparkling critique of the art in the Millpond illustrates so well that people criticize what they don’t understand.
He talks about the growing crime rate in the county, and at the same time he criticizes someone else who allegedly says people “are driving around drunk in their SUVs.” I don’t really understand what Mr. Webber is trying to say, other than he hate’s growth and loves guns, but more people have been killed in this county from auto accidents than violence. It’s not even close. We had three people die in just the last three weeks alone.