Monday, June 26, 2006

Courts jump into global warming battle

It is going to be illegal to breathe now? From the AP. First it was "global cooling, we're all gonna die!" Now it's "Global warming, we're all gonna die!!"

Supreme Court takes up what could be key case on climate change

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court plunged on Monday into the acrimonious debate over global warming and whether the government should regulate "greenhouse" gases, especially carbon dioxide from cars. The ruling could be one of the court's most important ever on the environment.

Spurred by states in a pollution battle with the Bush administration, the court said it would decide whether the Environmental Protection Agency is required under the federal clean air law to treat carbon dioxide from automobiles as a pollutant harmful to health.

The decision could determine how the nation addresses global warming.

President Bush has rejected calls by environmentalists and some lawmakers in Congress to regulate carbon dioxide, the leading heat-trapping "greenhouse" gas going into the atmosphere. Bush favors voluntary actions and development of new technologies to curtail such emissions.

But a dozen states argued that carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping chemicals from automobile tailpipes should be treated as unhealthy pollutants. They filed a lawsuit in an effort to force the EPA to curtail such emissions just as it does cancer-causing lead and chemicals that produce smog and acid rain.



anonymous said...

Considering that the government already taxes everything else, I'm sure they would tax the air we breath if they could just find a way to do it.

Mark Twain said...

Some of the states originally wanted to set their own fuel economy standards but it is not allowed under law. So they came up with the scam of calling CO2 a pollutant. The trouble with calling it a pollutant is that reducing other pollutants like carbon monoxide increases CO2 output. You can't get rid of everything. The only way to reduce CO2 is to use less fuel.

Essentially this is just a back door trick to circumvent the law and regulate fuel economy.

If those left coast liberals REALLY want to reduce global warming, they should tell the environmentalist preachers in Hollywood to sell a few of their excess homes, stop flying around the world in private jets, and to sell off a portion of their fleet of automobiles. (This goes for Al Gore too)

MESSA said...
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MESSA said...

Hmmmm...I bet some of you will be shocked, but here is a county teacher siding with you.

Calling CO2 a pollutant in the same caliber as lead metal or sulphur dioxide makes no sense whatsoever.

Every one of us is "polluting" the atmsophere every time we breathe.

What's next? Putting a ban on physical exertion and exercise because it emits excessive CO2?

I know, lets ban dihydrogen monoxide. Did you know that Digydrogen Monoxide is the #1 cause of the greenhouse effect as well as an "enabling component" of acid rain?

Dihydrogen Monoxide is also responsible for:
1) Death when inhaled between 0 and 100 degrees celcius.
2)The destruction of New Orleans.
3) Severe burns in gas form.
4)Responsible for soil erosion.
5) Present in every lake in Livingston County.
6) Was detected in 100% of cancerous tumers removed in the past 10 years.
7)Leads to corrosion and oxidation of many metals.
8) Proven to play a role in the "El Nino" effect.
9) A major ingredient in many home-brewed bombs.
10) Prolonged exposure to Dihydrogen Monoxide solids cause tissue damage.

BTW....Dihydrogen Monoxide is

It is possible to make anthing sound bad!

MESSA said...

Also, I am a science teacher and I want you to know that I teach the kids to be sceptical to extreem claims like "The earth is warming because of human activity."

Big talk requires big proof!

The fact is that there is no hard evidence proving that 1) the earth is unnaturally warming, and 2) humans are responsible.

Not-a-RINO said...

You are right to be SKEPTICAL of the EXTREME (sp). Take a look at the following article and make up your own mind: I read once that if ALL the factories and cars were stopped today, it would have no appreciable change in the earth's temperatures. In fact, they only amount to a statistical zero when compared to how much "greenhouse" gases Mother Nature puts out.

MESSA said...


You get an A+ for spelling!

I admit to being a horrible speller and I don't try to hide it...I ask for help and use spell check quite a bit. Sorry there is no spell check on thes blog.