Friday, June 23, 2006

Gun Owners of America's take on John McCain - F-

Arizona Senator John McCain is almost certainly running for President again. He has been courting various conservative leaders in his quest to secure the Republican nomination. McCain wants voters to believe that he is a conservative... but his record would certainly suggest otherwise.

Take, for instance, his record on gun rights and political speech affecting Second Amendment activists. Abysmal, wretched, and pathetic are words that come to mind.

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Pogo said...

McCain has a long history of battling Republicans and siding with liberal Democrats on many issues and this has alienated him from many Republicans, especially conservatives.

The only major issue for which McCain has been consistantly in agreement with other Republicans is defense and the war on terror.

His anti-2nd amendment and pro-abortion stands have antagonized conservatives for years. McCain has spent the last year courting conservatives in an attempt to smooth over differences but his recent eagerness to grant amnesty and social security benefits to illegal aliens once again has him in the dog house.

While John McCain is a darling of the news media (who will dump him like a hot rock should he get the nomination) his support within the Republican party has been consistantly weak, especially considering that he is probably the best known of Republican presidential hopefuls. Talking to other Republicans I get the sense that many of us are looking hard at some less well known prospects, waiting to see which mainstream conservative emerges from the pack.

In a race with no clear favorite it is possible that McCain could emerge with the nomination, in a situation where the conservative base gets divided up equally between multiple conservative candidates while the smaller group of Rockefeller Republicans all throw their support behind McCain.
Hopefully a more mainstream candidate will emerge from the pack early on giving conservatives an opportunity to rally behind a single candidate.