Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lawsuit seeks to block affirmative action ballot measure

Here we go again. From the AP

Lawsuit seeks to block affirmative action ballot measure

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Opponents of an anti-affirmative action ballot proposal filed a federal lawsuit Thursday in another attempt to stop the measure from going to voters in November.

The plaintiffs in the suit include Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and Operation King's Dream, an affiliate of the pro-affirmative action group By Any Means Necessary.

The suit claims that supporters of the proposal used trickery to qualify for the ballot. Opponents say thousands of voters were deceived into signing the petitions circulated by the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative.


Pogo said...

This could end up giving a boost to the MCRI by keeping the issue in the news all summer. And many voters outside of Detroit may vote for it simply because the leader in Detroit is trying so hard to kill it.

Keith Richards said...

Affirmative Action is just government sactioned racism with a fancy title . . . .

It is high time we got rid of "affirmative action". I just wish this ballot measure banned it for private employers too. Discrimination should not be allowed in any way, shape, or form, even government sactioned discrimination that comes with a fancy title.

We need to be working toward a society that is blind to the differences between people when it comes to things like hiring and university admissions.

This argument that people of color need preferential treatment to compensate for generations of bad treatment is B.S. Our society should help people EVERYONE that falls behind in school, regardless of race, religion, sex, etc . . . and help EVERYONE develop the skills needed to gain employment. We should NOT lower standards for one group of people because of some deep guilt complex.

This issue is easy for me because I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Many of my relatives are high school dropouts and live or have lived on welfare. Problems like drugs, children out-of-wedlock (before it became fashionable), and criminal behavior are also much too common in my family. I have no relatives that are famous or who have ever done anything really worth bragging about and few of my relatives ever went to college. Yet, since we are white, if we compete with black people for college admissions or government jobs we have to meet a higher standard for no reason other than we are white.

AS I said before, discrimination is WRONG, PERIOD. If we want to help black people we should not do it by lowing hiring and admission standards, we should do it by helping them to raise themselves up so that they can meet the same standards as everyone else. And we should give this extra assistance to anyone that needs it, regardless of race, religion, sex, etc . . . PERIOD!