Friday, June 23, 2006

Wendy Day (Howell School Board) joins blogosphere

Livingston GOP activist, LOVE Group member, and Howell School Board member Wendy Day has joined the blogosphere. It's good to see our elected officials get involved in the blogosphere.

For a Better Day Blog


Communications Guru said...

Check out the latest blog at, for Mike McGonegal, the Democrat candidate for the Michigan House of Representatives in the 66th District that includes Brighton Township, the City of Brighton, Genoa Township, Green Oak Township, Oceola Township, part of Marion Township and part of Milford Township.
Help us return the people’s House back to the people instead of moneyed Lansing lobbyists, and help us turn out the incumbent who has lunched at the trowel the lobbyists have provided for far too long.

Count Me Red said...

The story is about Wendy's Blog. Wake up and pay attention. Good Blog Wendy, and great idea to get the community talking about education.