Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Ann Coulter and Cleary University Controversy

As we all know, Ann Coulter is scheduled to be a speaker at Cleary University in Genoa Township on October 1. This is causing a controversy after her comments at the last CPAC convention. The controversial comment is as follows:

“I was going to have a few comments on the other Democratic presidential candidate, John Edwards, but it turns out that you have to go into rehab if you use the word faggot, so I kinda of at an impasse, can’t really talk about Edwards, so I think I’ll just conclude and take your questions. Thank you.”

Ann Coulter is known for her blunt sense of humor, a more political version of Sam Kinison. She's somewhat like the Al Franken or Bill Maher of the right. Her schitck is writing blunt controversial columns and books pissing off the left, while making money as a speaker and book writer. That is what Ann Coulter is about. Every three months or so, she makes an outrageous statement that gets a lot of press. Then a book comes out around the same time.

Am I surprised by her statement? No. Do I agree with it? No. Am I offended by it? No. It is what I expect. At certain events, we should all know what to expect. I expect violence and one liners in a Bruce Willis movie. I expect bad football from the Matt Millen led Detroit Lions. I expect bad refereeing when watching Big Ten Basketball. I expect tax increases and poor leadership from the Matt Millen of governors, Jennifer Granholm. I expect controversy from an Ann Coulter speech.

So now she is scheduled to speak this October at Cleary University in Genoa Township. The democrat party is showing their "tolerance" for "diversity" by supporting censorship. From the Argus.

The Livingston County Democratic Party, meanwhile, will petition Cleary University to have Coulter cut from the series. If that fails, the local Democrats will protest, party Chairman Matt Evans said.
"We feel really strongly about this, and if they decide to go ahead with her, we'll be organizing protests. This is ridiculous," Evans said. "There is a perception due to the Klan activity that was out here so many years ago that this is just an area of white bigots, and we need to change that."

Matt, I thought you dems supported diversity. I thought you democrats supported free speech. I have no problem with a protest, but why are you people trying to shut her up? Where is the diversity of thought? Where is the tolerance of views that you don't agree with? More on that later.

As for the Klan comment, that's crap. Robert Miles has been dead for almost 20 years. The only reason that keeps being brought up is due to white guilt and leftists who always need to throw that out there. This is the fastest growing county in the state. Activity from 20 years+ ago doesn't really matter anymore.

Cleary University is like most universities. They invite speakers, and some of them controversial. Kwame Kilpatrick is one of the more well known speakers they had there. At Michigan State, there were several speakers from both the left and the right. Jesse Jackson, David Horowitz, Tom Tancredo. Western Michigan had Pat Buchanan.

Lastly, truth be told, the left has as much tolerance for free speech as they do for the 2nd Amendment. Very little.

At MSU, when Tancredo spoke, the "tolerant" left showed their support for "diversity" when they pulled firearms and disrupted the speech. Bill O'Reilly has a good videoclip. Here and also viewed there

At Western Michigan - Dan Flynn has the story about the left's tolerance of Pat Buchanan.

With the behavior of the "tolerant" left and their fascist wing, maybe we need some concealed pistol license holders ready on hand in case of emergency. Who knows to what lengths the left will resort to in their assault on diversity.


Communications guru said...

Comparing Sam Kinison, Al Franken and Bill Maher to Ann Coulter is ridiculous. Those three are funny; Coulter is not. She doesn’t say those vile things to be funny, and I honestly don’t think she has a sense of humor.

But I agree with you: Let her come because we know she speaks for you and your party.

Republican Michigander said...

I do agree that Sam Kinison is funny. Stuart Smalley and Bill Maher are another story.

I have to ask - are you going to bring the goon squads like your leftist buddies brought to MSU and WMU? I know they speak for you and your party.

Communications guru said...

You’re joking right? I don’t have any Communist buddies, nor do I even know any communists or “goon squads.” So the answer is, of course, no. I’m the only one that speaks for me.

As for comedians; there are a lot of people out there who disagree with you. Both Al Franken and Bill Maher were comedians before they were political commentators, and they are still funny. You are aware, I hope, that there is no such person as Stuart Smalley, and he’s a character Al Franken created for Saturday Night Live? Perhaps you have heard of that show? It’s pretty funny, especially in the ‘70s when Sen. Franken was a regular and a writer on the show. I do agree that Stuart Smalley is very funny.

I didn’t know Ann Coulter was trying to be funny. That makes her sick comments even worse if that’s the case.

Patrick Flynn said...

Ah, Hollywood's new "F" word. This is the issue.

Ann Coulter knows that John Edwards is not a homosexual. I'd venture to guess that this is her way of protesting the left's newest effort to ban a word from our language. Her point was to publicly utter the word and not not enter rehab as a result.

The word, faggot is nasty and is an insult. The words scumbag, psycho, and troll (the left's cute little term for conservatives) are nasty insults also. Insults are bad manners and should be avoided as a matter of good practice. They are, however, not illegal, nor should they be.

You don't think this is a legal issue? Just wait. Keep your eye on the hate-crimes legislation effort. See what develops concerning words against special interest groups.

Communications guru said...

Please, you know exactly what the word Faggot means. Mr. Flynn. It’s directed at homosexuals, who we know you discriminate against. I know of no conservatives who were beaten, killed or tortured because they are conservatives, but there are plenty of cases of those things happening to gay men because they were homosexual.

Actually, I don’t think this is the worst hate and ugliness that has spewed out of Coulter’s mouth. Cleary made a huge mistake inviting her here, but now that she’s coming I say let her speak. I hate censorship in any form, although I don’t believe hate speech and prejudice are protected by the First Amendment. Let here speak, so we know what you are thinking. After all, she is your spokesperson.

Patrick Flynn said...

Kevin, no homosexual nor anyone else has been beaten to death by words. Words, even nasty ones are indeed protected by the First Amendment. Ironically, hate-crimes legislation is intrinsically unconstitutional.

Human beings who attack one another unprovoked do so because they are cruel. When they attack one another, the law needs to be applied regardless of who does the attacking and who is attacked.

I am very understanding regarding people with same-sex attraction. I do, however, separate the individual from the political movement. The individuals deserve respect and charity. God expects that from us because they are no less loved in His eyes than you and me.

The homosexual political movement, however, is hateful, volatile, vulgar and bears much of the responsibility for leading many of its ranks to their demise.

Ann Coulter does not speak for me. I do alright speaking for myself.

Republican Michigander said...

The only spokesman for me is me. I know who Stuart Smalley is. It's an apt description for Al Franken. He didn't even have to act to play that role.

Matt Evans said...


First we are not trying to silence her we are telling the businesses who are bringing her here that there is a substantial number of people who live here that don't approve of their decision. We are exercising our free speech rights. What we are doing is more akin to a boycott. If they want to go through with this so be it. But with every decision comes consequences they are free to roll the dice and see what happens.

And as you will learn in law school not all speech is protected, despite Mr. Flynn's assertion otherwise.

What is really happening is that Cleary University is acting as a barker for a freak show. They are not providing a platform for a person who has no other outlet for their ideas, they are full partners.

Any representation by the University to the contrary is incredible.

As an aside I do enjoy reading your blog. Although I don't agree with some of your ideas I feel that they are worthy of discussion.

I wish you well in law school. I fully understand what you are going through.

Matt Evans

Patrick Flynn said...

Insults are permitted under the First Amendment, Matt. They're just not nice.