Sunday, March 25, 2007

Concerned Taxpayers Group PAC makes endorsements

From the Argus
The Concerned Taxpayers Group PAC, which advocates fiscal responsibility in education, was the first group out of the gate, making endorsements in the Brighton Area Schools, Howell Public Schools and Pinckney Community Schools board races.

Bill Johnston, head of the Livingston County-based group, said it is endorsing Irene Besancon and Greg Rassel for the two open seats in Brighton; Bill Harvey and Doug Moore for the two open seats in Howell; and Jason Reifschneider for the open seat in Pinckney. None of those candidates are incumbents.
"These endorsed candidates know the needs of the students and the community," Johnston said. "They also have the ability to bring their school boards back to financial reality."

With the economy in the situation it is in, it is essential that good fiscally responsible individuals are elected to the school boards, as well as any other elected position. We're past the point of gimmicks and need some real solutions to the fiscal mismanagement at all levels of government.

One danger I see if the schools run high enough defecits is a state takeover. I do not want to see that. These candidates will do their best to prevent that from occuring in the long term.

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