Saturday, March 31, 2007

Duncan Hunter visits Michigan

I was at the Duncan Hunter event in Troy last night. I'm still undecided, but this is a guy I can back if he gets some traction. His main issue is trade. He's the first presidential candidate since Pat Buchanan to run on trade as his main issue. Unlike Buchanan, Hunter has held elective office. Some of his platform and stances.

1. Fair trade. Stop cheating on trade and allowing the Chinese Government to sweep American products off the shelves. He stated that while the Chinese tax American goods (a double tax as American goods pay American taxes as well) coming into their country, they subsidize their good going to the US. He's going after Bush's Mexican trucks plan right now. Latest bill
2. Immigration reform. Build the fence and stop illegal immigration. Deport those who are illegally here and make them come in the right way. He also stated he would pardon Border Patrol agents Ramos and Compean Convicted for shooting an illegal immigrant/drug dealer.
3. Fairtax replacing income tax
4. Pro-life
5. Pro-2nd Amendment
6. Originalist judges

On foreign policy, Hunter supports peace through strength. He has a unique situation among politicians with Iraq, as his son served two tours there. Hunter himself was an Army Ranger in Vietnam.

He ended his speech early and took several questions. Impressively, he took everybody's question and understood the issues. Most candidates do not take questions. They time their speech so they have to leave immediately. Most of the questions are regarding immigration, border security, and trade. Those are going to be BIG in 2008.

In other news, there's a new congressional candidate for the 5th district based in Flint, Saginaw, and Bay City. Bill Kelly is taking on Dale Kildee. While it is a longshot race for Dr. Kelly, his populist views will fit the district well. You never know what can happen. Steve Stockman upset Jack Brooks in 1994.

I'm still undecided in 2008, but Hunter will be one of the candidates I will be considering. It was refresing for once to hear a candidate who was not afraid of questions from the audience.


LiberalLucy said...

Hunter is definitely an interesting guy. Heck, this entire race on both sides is pretty interesting now. Imagine what can happen in a couple months.

As far as candidates taking questions - sounds like you had yourself a moment of fresh air. There's another thing the Democracy process could use more - open, honest candidates.

Keith Richards said...

I've been angry about the trade situation with China for a long time. China is engaging in the old practice that monopolies used to use - sell products for below cost to drive the competition out of business. It is very dangerous for the U.S. to allow so much of its heavy manufacturing base to be destroyed by imports from China. It is also dangerous to allow such a huge trade imbalance with one country. We are giving too much power to China, because they could wreck havoc with the U.S. economy just by threatening to dump large quantities of U.S. dollars into the foreign exchange market. And should we ever need to embargo China it will be impossible to do it without shutting down our own economy. And we are allowing all of this to happen so we can buy cheaply made stuff in department stores.

It is good to hear about a powerful politician who understands that while some trade is good, going overboard is definitely bad for the U.S.

I'm not commiting to anyone this early but Duncan is definitely on my list of candidates that I will watch closely.

Republican Michigander said...

I think if Hunter was a governor, he'd have the best shot to win. I don't know how else to explain it except to say he "gets it." If he raises name recognition, and explains his voting record, he has a chance to get back those Reagan Democrats and socially conservative blue collar independents which voted out the GOP (with the help of the base staying home) in 06.

One thing I'd like to see all the candidates do is follow his lead when it comes to Q and A sessions. Little script. No political answers.

Maybe it's wishful thinking, but I think a lot of people are starting to have enough of the scripted, Washington PR consultant, American Idol based politics.

I see a lot of people in both parties unhappy with Choices A and B and are looking for Choice C who isn't the favorite of the media or establishment. I'm not looking to support the "cool" candidate for president, but the "best" candidate.