Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Barack Obama - All style, no substance

The AP of all places is finally wondering what Barack "Vote Present" Obama's plan is.
The voices are growing louder asking the question: Is Barack Obama all style and little substance? The freshman Illinois senator began his campaign facing the perception that he lacks the experience to be president, especially compared to rivals with decades of work on foreign and domestic policy. So far, he's done little to challenge it. He's delivered no policy speeches and provided few details about how he would lead the country.

He has focused instead on motivating his impressive following with a call for unity and change in Washington. But along with the attention comes a hunger to hear more about what he's about.

What's the plan? What is your plan for this country? This isn't American Idol, son. If you are running for president, the LEAST you could do is tell the public what you plan to be doing.

At a union forum Tuesday, Obama sought to answer the questions, arguing that he has experience as a state legislator, community organizer and constitutional law professor

Let's look at his state legislature record. It shows him to be a gutless wonder. When the going gets tough at the top spot, is he going to sign "present" on the bills that come to his desk? Being a law professor and community organizer from Hyde Park is much different than being a chief executive. Chief executives need to be able to make real decisions. Obama has either shown an inability to make decisions, or has followed his Trotskyite mentor Saul Alinsky in taking the most left wing one possible. He's not tough enough for the job from a competency standpoint, and too leftist for the job by a mainstream values test.


Luther said...


Georgia Police Hunt for Missing 911 Dispatcher

Luther said...


Georgia Police Hunt for Missing 911 Dispatcher

Luther said...


Georgia Police Hunt for Missing 911 Dispatcher


Keith Richards said...

I have to agree. I've long thought that Obama is very articulate but I've yet to see him get into substance on any issues. It looks to me like the Democrats have the same problem that the Republicans do - a couple of candidates with large followings but who have significant weaknesses and drawbacks, enough to make people look for a plan 'C'.

Communications guru said...

You made it pretty clear what you have against the Senator on an earlier post.

98diverpaul said...

And what would that be( I know your going to twist, you always have and always will ). Its inbred in your left wing ideology.
The fact he has little experience and what he has shown with his record (little that it is) won’t get in the way of your twisting of statements or facts to your own twisted point of view.
Also don't bring up your military service, as mine dates back to Nam.
I just find your actions of calling someone a raciest(I know for a fact he is not) just to further your own purpose even when its not true is REPREHENSIBLE. Also doesn’t say much for your sense of truth or character or that of Dem Party your trying to represent. Guru save your infamous inferences and innuendoes for your far-left blog, as they will believe anything against a republican true or not. Just your style!!!

Communications guru said...

If you want to know why dan does not like Sen. Obama, other than he’s a Democrat, just read this blog, Paul.

I fail to see what my military service has to do with this issue. Because you enlisted a few years before I did does that mean your service is better than mine or your opinion carries more weight?

I stand by what I have written. It is truthful and factual, and all the name calling from you will not change that.

98diverpaul said...

I do read and continue to read the blog. I do see why Dan doesn’t want Sen. Obama
elected. Your baseless innuendoes are not factual or truthful.

As to military, it was posted to save you from questioning it, which is your M O from
You’re prior postings.

Concerning name-calling? This leads me to not only question your facts, statements and innuendoes
It also brings into question your comprehension skills (or would this be you’re standard twisting of statements that question your methods). Please reread prior post and forward ANY NAME CALLING IN MY POSTING TO YOU. I called in question your misuse of statements, innuendoes and truthfulness in twisting these things to fit your predicable point of view. I also questioned objective by your predetermined
Far left wing ideology.

Communications guru said...

I disagree. My “innuendoes” are not innuendoes, and I am both factual and truthful. If I were not it would be pretty easy to disprove and refute what I write, but neither you nor anyone else has been able to do that.

I have never questioned anyone’s military service. I respect the service of all my fellow veterans.

If you don’t see name-calling perhaps it has become so ingrained in so-called Republican debate you don’t even recognize it. I consider saying, “I know your going to twist, you always have and always will,” or questing someone's character or “sense of truth” as name-calling. It’s especially so when you don’t and can’t offer a shred of proof to back up that insulting lie.

I also don’t have a “Far left wing ideology,” and in fact I’m pretty middle of the road on a lot of issues.