Friday, March 23, 2007

Granholm's 2% Sales Tax - DEFEATED! (for now)

Senate Bill 0307
Liz Brater, Mark Schauer, Buzz Thomas, and Jennifer Granholm lost their bid to raise our taxes. By a 22-16 measure, the sales tax increase was DEFEATED due to the senate republicans, along with Glenn Anderson on the democrat side.

Here's the roll call.
Voting AYE:

Jim Barcia
Irma Clark-Coleman
Gilda Jacobs
Martha Scott
Ray Basham
Hansen Clarke
Dennis Olshove
Michael Switalski
Liz Brater
John Gleason
Michael Prusi
Buzz Thomas
Deb Cherry
Tupac Hunter
Mark Schauer
Gretchen Whitmer

Voting NAY:
Jason Allen
Alan Cropsey
Ron Jelinek
Bruce Patterson
Glenn Anderson
Valde Garcia
Roger Kahn
Randy Richardville
Patty Birkholz
Tom George
Wayne Kuipers
Alan Sanborn
Mike Bishop
Jud Gilbert
Michelle McManus
Tony Stamas
Cameron Brown
Bill Hardiman
John Pappageorge
Gerald Van Woerkom
Nancy Cassis
Mark Jansen


liberals Hate America said...

Good, as the evil Guru keeps stating “it will only cost one cup of latte mocha at Starbuck a week”. (Only Liberals go to the Liberal backed Starbucks and only Liberals drink Latte Mochas. Real Americans drink coffee from 7-11 or Speedway.) The notion that it will only cost pennies a day is a Liberal myth. It will cost the Michigan taxpayers hundreds if not thousands a year as if you take the time to read the bill(As Guru has not) you will see that the taxpayer will be taxed twice on many many services as it is also a business to business tax and these costs will be passed on to the consumer.
Grandholm is out of touch with reality. Look at the Michigan State Police,
From The Detroit News

I t may seem completely nuts that a state coping with an $800 million budget deficit and considering higher taxes on its citizens would trade a $1-a-year building lease for one that will cost nearly $5 million a year. And it is.
The deal OK'd this week to move the State Police headquarters to a new home being built by politically connected developers is more evidence that the governor and lawmakers are not taking Michigan's fiscal crisis seriously.
The move was approved by the Legislature's Joint Capital Outlay Committee. It will consolidate most state police operations in a new home on the banks of the Grand River in downtown Lansing. The developer is political powerhouse Joel Ferguson, a Michigan State University trustee, and his associate, Gary Granger. Annual costs to the state are estimated at $4.9 million annually.
Currently, the State Police lease a building for a buck a year from Michigan State University. While that building could certainly use some upgrades, the lease runs until 2030. Even if the state spent millions of dollars improving the current headquarters, taxpayers would still come out ahead.
Supporters of the move to the new building note that the State Police will be able to move operations out of a second building it now leases at a cost of $2.5 million a year.
But that still leaves taxpayers $2.4 million to the bad.
The Granholm administration backed the no-bid deal and defended it in part by boasting the construction project will create jobs and stimulate investment in downtown Lansing.
That sort of thinking explains why Michigan is hurtling toward bankruptcy.
Incredibly, the decision to spend the additional money on the new headquarters came at the same time Granholm was ordering the layoff of 30 State Police troopers.
The money squandered on this project would more than cover the salaries of those troopers.
This deal is fiscally irresponsible and smells of favoritism. It shows a total inability by this administration to set common-sense spending priorities.
But worse, it tells the taxpayers of Michigan that the politicians in Lansing have no intention of solving the budget crisis with sound money management.
Added is Grandholms plan to create a new Estate Tax plan that will only drive Michigans wealthiest residents to move their assets out of State.

On a Federal level was it not a campaign promise by the newly elected DemoRATS that they would take the PORK out of Washington. Look at the pork added to the proposed Iraq war-funding bill.
Nancy Boyda, Kansas: Boyda recently came out in support of the pork-stuffed Iraq supplemental bill. But when she was running against Republican Jim Ryun, she wrote on her campaign Web site: "Congress must never waste a single taxpayer dime on needless spending … Wasteful spending has increased exponentially in recent years.”
"Does Nancy Boyda think $75 million for peanut storage is not a waste of taxpayer dollars?”
Nick Lampson, Texas: Lampson took a harsh stand against congressional pork on his campaign Web site: "We have terrible waste in our government that can be addressed right now. We shouldn't be spending on pork projects like bridges to nowhere in Alaska and a teapot museum in North Carolina. We must set priorities and stick to them.”
By that standard, Lampson should cast a "no” vote on the Iraq war spending bill,

Tim Mahoney, Florida: According to his campaign Web site, Mahoney campaigned on wide-sweeping ethics reform that included a platform to "cut the pork.” Interestingly, the supplemental bill includes money for citrus growers in Mahoney’s district.
Harry Mitchell, Arizona: Mitchell wrote on his campaign Web site: "Unfortunately, fiscal irresponsibility and pork-barrel spending has Washington swimming in red ink … In Congress, I will promote fiscal policy that is both responsible and accountable.”
The Question begs to be asked: "Now that his own Democratic leadership is the one doing the drowning, will Rep. Mitchell have the courage to just say no?”

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