Monday, March 26, 2007

Presidential Candidate in Michigan this Friday

I got this in an email. If I have time to make it, I will be there. I have not made a decision on who I am supporting, but Hunter is one candidate I am considering.

Conservative presidential Candidate Duncan Hunter will be visiting Michigan this coming Friday. Even if he's not the candidate you support, you should consider stopping by to meet him. Feel free to spread the world.

DUNCAN HUNTER is coming to Troy!

WHEN: Friday, March 30th, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

WHERE: Troy Community Center, 3179 Livernois Rd.

(North of Big Beaver, Room #402 – enter through North doors)

Rep. Hunter is a Vietnam Veteran, serving in the U.S. House since 1980. He's currently the Ranking Member of the House Armed Services Committee and served as Chairman for the past four years.

Rep. Hunter's support of pro-life and traditional marriage, fair trade, strict border enforcement and a strong national defense, will be real factors in our presidential primary.

Bring your questions and arrive early as seating is limited for this fun and informative evening with a great American and presidential candidate! Find out more at: .

"Meet a candidate you can say you agree with"





Keith Richards said...

I too have been sitting on the fence waiting for a more promising candidate to come along.

Duncan sounds promising. I would like to know his views on the 2nd amendment. It is good that he supports strong borders but I'd like to know how he proposes to accomplish it, and also what he proposes to do with all the illegals already in the U.S.

The biggest concern I have with him off the bat is his lack of executive experience. I may do some research and possibly even drive out Friday evening to see him.

Patrick Flynn said...

We'll see how this plays out. The months ahead are the proving grounds for the candidates. Duncan did endorse Schwarz for re-election on 06, but we all make mistakes.

Keith Richards said...

I checked out Duncan's website. He is a social conservative with boldly worded statements supporting a ban on abortion and a ban on gay marriage. When he feels strongly about something he is obviously not afraid to take a stand. He gives a position statement on many issues but not a peep about the second amendment and the absence is glaring.

While talking about extending the border fence being built on the southern border he says not a word about what he proposes to do with all the illegals currently in the U.S., another noticable omission.

He talks like a fiscal conservative, more than enough to get my attention, but once again he is short on details about how that would translate into action once in office. As we know from past experience, presidents rarely get opportunities to enact broad sweeping legislation much less push through constitutional amendments. Reality dictates that Presidents spend much of their time in crisis mode or in dealing with foreign policy, not to mention all the demands from an often hostile congress. So in evaluating Duncan, I need to see more hints about how he would deal with problems the U.S. has today.

Keith Richards said...

I did an internet search on Duncan Hunter Second Amendment and a good interview between Duncan and another blogger came up.

Duncan made strong pro-2A statements. He also seems to have a lot of support in the 2A community which speaks well for him.

One thing I really like about Duncan is that he answers questions head on, no evasiveness at all. This is surprising because usually experienced politicians use many words to say very little.