Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Peaceful" individuals vandalize Mike Rogers' Office

As someone who has seen some of these "peace" protestors in action, I can not say that I am surprised by this. From the Lansing State Journal.

Vandals struck U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers’ Lansing offices Monday night, slopping red paint on the building, spray-painting slogans on the sidewalk and gluing the front door lock shut.

Large globs of red paint covered a sign on the front of the building displaying the congressman’s name. A “Support our Troops” sign also was hit with red paint.

A poster pasted to a window facing Michigan Avenue read, “Rogers: There is blood on your hands.”

Rogers’ press secretary, Sylvia Warner, said it was the work of an aggressive and threatening group.

“It would almost be sophomoric, if it weren’t so threatening,” Warner said


Keith Richards said...

Typical Democrat vandelism. Reminds me of the coordinated attacks they made on Republican political offices around the U.S. a few years ago. Definitely some warped minds, as this kind of thing only turns people against them and their cause.

Communications guru said...

Do you have any proof this was peace protestors or Democrats? By your logic I can assume that the vandals that vandalized a Hamburg Township (http://liberalmedianot.blogspot.com/2007/03/county-democrats-put-their-money-where.html) family’s home and spray-painted a racist remark on the wall were Republicans or “love” members.

After all, you support a hatemonger like Ann Coulter, discriminate against gays, support the anti-gay hate group “love” and the leader of ‘love” was the former advisor of the Livco Teen Age Republicans.

The county Democrats donated $1,000 as a reward for capturing the vandals in Hamburg. Perhaps the county GOP can pony us some money to Rogers to fix the damage, or to even catch the culprits. It can’t cost that much to remove some spray paint from a sign and the sidewalk and to fix a lock. After all, we can’t expect Rogers to spend any of millions of PAC dollars on that. This is civil disobedience gone too far. I hope they are prosecuted, but in the grand scope of some 3,200 American dead and estimated 100,000 maimed and wounded and countless Iraqis dead and injured this is small in the grand scheme of things. It should not be long before these people are caught anyway. Rogers Press Secretary knows who they are. “Sylvia Warner, said it was the work of an aggressive and threatening group.”

The story says “Police are providing additional security for Rogers’ two young children at his home in Brighton.” Are they doing the same for the Hamburg Township family?

liberals Hate America said...

Guru, You are an a**hole, how can you condone this type of action. Who is going to pay to repair all of this? Each Michigan taxpayer. You stick up for this type of action and make the same old lame liberal excuses. This is again the same type of action the Lib’s took in stashing tires on buses(republican) to transport voters to the 2004 election. Your response is childish. This site is for grown-ups. For the party of supposed intellect’s you act like little crybaby girls. Get a life.
Did you wear your pink dress when you did it?

Communications guru said...

Thank you so much for the compliment, hate America. You are so articulate. I will answer your question when you answer mine, like what branch of the military did you serve in?

With Liberty & Justice for all . . . said...

I am a liberal and I'll state loud and clear that it was wrong. I hope the police catch whomever broke into Roger's office.

I don't care how much you disagree with someone, there is no excuse for breaking in and damaging their property. That is a criminal act and it should be investigated so that the perpetrator(s) can be brought to justice.

This is not a liberal or conservative or Democratic or Republican issue. No one is above the law.

openyoureyes said...

It was probably the former HHS students who vadalized our high school in 2005. After all the positive attention they received for leaving their peaceful message of LOVE forever etched on public property they didn't know it was wrong to deface Congressman Roger's office.