Thursday, March 29, 2007

Democrats - Tax utilities

Unfortunately, Andy Dillon is drinking some of the same kool-aid that Jennifer "Matt Millen of Governors" Granholm is drinking

House Speaker Andy Dillon's plan to help the state's budget crisis includes a tax on utilities, which could add roughly $500 million a year in revenue.

Dillon, a Redford Democrat in his first year running the state House, discussed the budget situation with reporters Thursday at the state Capitol. His plan, which is still developing, will be added to the mix of other proposals already pitched by Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm and Republican lawmakers.

Dillon said more details of the House plan would be available next week. He said a 2008 ballot proposal for a graduated income tax is among the possible budget solutions, although that may not address this year's or next year's problems.

Do democrats hate this state so much that they want to drive everyone out with the taxes and regulations? Here's a starting point for cuts - Dan Mulhern and his secretary - former congressional candidate Nancy Skinner.

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Keith Richards said...

Is it the plan of Democrats to drive out all residents of this state so that Michigan wildlife won't be bothered by human habitation?

With everyone in Michigan already getting clobbered by job losses, elimination of overtime, getting stuck in part time or low paying jobs, and losing a big chunk of home equity, it is incredible that Democrats want to make the pain much worse by taxing into oblivion the little people have left.

Michigan residents are already threatened with big increases in the cost of electricity due to the need to build new power plants. And the cost of electricity is a big concern for many manufacturing companies, precisely the companies that are already leaving Michigan in droves.

And the people hurt the worst by a tax hike will be low income citizens and residents on a fixed income, precisely the segment of society that Democrats claim to protect.

There was a good article in the Detroit News today about a proposed hike in the gas tax. At 19 cents per gallon Democrats point out with glee that most states have a higher gas tax, forgetting to include the 6% sales tax that almost nobody else charges. When the sales tax is included, Michigan already has one of the highest gas taxes in the U.S.

With property taxes much higher than most other states and talk of jacking up service taxes and income taxes, it seems that Democrats have decided the key to prosperity in Michigan is to make this the most heavily taxed state in the U.S.

If the Democrats have their way, the current outflow of educated and skilled residents from Michigan will like like a quiet stream compared to the flood that hits in a few years.

I do wonder what it will take to get it through their heads that when taxpayers are suffering in a bad economy, government needs to cut back too.