Monday, March 19, 2012

David Morse not running for re-election

From the Argus

Livingston County’s longest serving prosecutor, David Morse, announced today that he is not seeking re-election.Morse made the announcement to his staff on Friday and he confirmed it in an interview with the Daily Press & Argus this morning.
“I feel like I could have gone another two more years,” Morse said, noting that he didn’t want to retire half way into a four-year term. “I couldn’t face the voters knowing it’s a commitment I won’t be able to honor.”

I give Morse credit for that comment. A lot of people retire mid-term like its no big deal for extra money/benefits and also so the favorite pick can be appointed as a quasi-incumbent. Morse is letting the voters pick his replacement and finishing his term.

This means there will be a rare opening for the prosecutor's spot. Nobody has officially filed yet, but there will be some people running. Bill Vailliencourt and Bill McCririe might be candidates. Both have been longtime assistant prosecutors. Someone outside the office may run as well. It'll be interesting to see what happens here and with some of the other county offices. There is going to be some turnover this election season.

Maggie Jones is retiring from the county commission. Former Brighton Mayor Kate Lawrence is running for her spot. Dianne Hardy retired and was replaced by longtime assistant Jennifer Nash who is running as a quasi-incumbent. I've heard good things about her. Bill Green is running for County Commissioner for Jim Mantey's position. I don't know if Mantey is running for re-election or not. Bill Call is challenging Ron Van Houten who is running for re-election. Incumbents Bob Bezotte (sheriff), Dave Domas, Steve Williams, and Jack LaBelle are running for re-election.

Local governments are the governments we interact with the most. These races often get lost in the shuffle. We need to make sure that these elections receive the attention they deserve.

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Communications guru said...

With fiscally irresponsible record of this Board of Commissioners and their anti-military bent, it’s long overdue for some new faces and ideas.