Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ridiculous laws (and policies) of the week - Pt 5

This isn't directly a law, but I'll cover this as well as it's a policy from a governmental function adversely affecting individuals.

From Yahoo

An Indiana high school expels a student for a silly, profane tweet, even though it seems to have been sent at 2:30 a.m. The school suggests that it may track all of its students' tweets, regardless of what time or where they were sent.

I am sure that the people who run Garrett High School in Indiana radiate intelligence.

Perhaps, though, they have tossed a little inkblot onto their pristine record with the expulsion of senior Austin Carroll. He didn't assault anyone. He didn't toss a projectile, nor brandish a knife. No, it seems that he merely tweeted.

Please prepare your best judgmental pose while I transcribe (mostly) his supposedly most offensive tweet: "F*** is one of those F****** words you can F****** put anywhere in a F****** sentence and it still F****** makes sense."

There, how did that feel? Juvenile? To some, perhaps. Amusing? Mostly to his peers, surely. But offensive? Offensive enough to get him thrown out of school, with a mere three months of his time there left to serve? With this, some might struggle.

For that tweet, at 2:30AM off school grounds, he gets the boot. That's stupid. I'll fully admit that I have a bad mouth at times, and got a three day vacation once for using that word in school "loud enough for all to hear." It wasn't the smartest thing I've done, and as it was on school grounds, I deserved it.

This tweet was stupid, although technically true. It was stupid as the first word of world wide web is world and it gets sent out for everyone to read. However, if it was at 2:30am, it was off school grounds. Anything off school grounds and outside of school functions is quite bluntly, none of their f***ing business. That's where I have the problem. School administrators are increasing usurping more powers and jurisdictions of things outside of school grounds. That needs to stop.

Expulsions are usually board of admin decisions. These board members are our elected officials. It's our job to make sure we elect good board members to schools, and that includes those who leave school policy at the school doors.

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