Monday, March 26, 2012

Incumbent Judicial Filing Deadline Today, 3-26

Updated 3:21 - Garagiola NOT running for re-election.

Right now in Livingston County, the Argus saw something I've been keeping an eye on for awhile. Mike Hatty and Carol Sue Reader have announced that they are running for re-election, but so far, Carol Hackett Garagiola has not decided one way or another if she's running. No challengers have filed, although Lori Marran has an active campaign finance committee. Challengers don't have to file until May 1.

From the Argus

The Livingston County Probate Court judge race should come into focus today — the deadline for incumbent Judge Carol Hackett Garagiola to say yes to a re-election bid.

Garagiola has not responded to repeated telephone and e-mail messages from the Daily Press & Argus seeking comment.

While Garagiola has been quiet, candidate Lori Marran, a Friend of the Court referee and former Probate Court administrator, kicked her campaign into gear with a $1,000-per-plate dinner Thursday at Coyote Preserve Golf Club in Tyrone Township. The event, which drew support from retired and sitting judges, raised about $50,000.

Much of my practice deals with estate planning which is probate's jurisdiction, so I won't be saying much here about the probate race. I have to work with Garagiola and her office. I don't practice family law, but I've never had any problems in my area. I'll have to work with Marran if she runs and wins. I haven't worked directly with her, but heard good things from those who have. There may be other candidates as well. I don't know if others are running. I think if someone does run, it will be announced after today if Garagiola decides to not run for re-election.

Some important dates to remember are as follows.

3-26-2012 - 5PM - Incumbent Judicial Candidates (non-Scotus) filing deadline by affidavit. That's today.

5-1-2012 - 4PM - Challenger for judicial positions file by petition.

5-15-2012 - 4PM - Filing deadlines for precinct delegate and partisan/nonpartisan candidates in August primary. Filing deadline for local petition questions on August ballot unless earlier local deadline.

5-30-2012 - 4PM - Filing deadline for ballot initiative petitions for November ballot.

7-5-2012 - 5PM - Incumbent Supreme Court justices filing deadline by affidavit.

7-19-2012 - 4PM - District library board, Independent candidates filing deadline, also deadline for petitions for constitutional amendment.

7-27-2012 - 4pm - Write in candidate deadline (outside of precinct delegate) for primary

8-3-2012 - 4PM - Write in deadline for precinct delegate

8-14-2012 - 4PM - Filing deadline for school board, village candidates. Filing deadline for local petition questions unless earlier local deadline.

10-26-2012 - 4PM - Filing deadline for write in candidates in general.

Some election dominoes are going to start moving today.

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