Thursday, September 08, 2005

Bush decision on second nominee not expected soon

It looks like we'll have to wait awhile.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Maybe President Bush was just joking around to fuel speculation, but conservatives aren't laughing about the president's playful glance at Attorney General Alberto Gonzales when he described the list of possible nominees for the second Supreme Court vacancy as wide open.

"No conservative leader supports Al Gonzales and those who say they do are not telling the truth but are afraid of losing White House access, or promised help with fundraising," said Manuel Miranda, former counsel to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist.

I am very concerned about Alberto Gonzales due to his statements on life and guns. I really don't care for him at the AG position(I didn't care for Ashcroft either), but I'd rather have him there than judge.

I did find this interesting:

Gonzales is on the list of eight candidates that the Hispanic National Bar Association suggested to the White House in July. On Tuesday, the bar delivered a second letter to the White House suggesting the same eight plus 60 other prospective Hispanic candidates, including Maura Corrigan, a judge on the Michigan Supreme Court, whom it hopes Bush will consider to replace O'Connor.

I always thought Corrigan was Irish. I think Judge Corrigan would be a great pick for SCOTUS, as would Markman, Taylor, or Young. I'd hate to give Granholm a Michigan Supreme Court pick (especially with a track record of picking Theresa Brennan), but at least judges in Michigan have to face the people, so I'll pay that price.


true believer said...

And what is wrong with Theresa Brennan? Do you follow her decisions on the bench?

Republican Michigander said...
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Republican Michigander said...

Judge Brennan has not made many decisions, but I oppose her appointment for a few reasons. I don't think she was the most qualified democrat, let alone individual.

1. She bought the seat. $10000 to Stabenow and donated to Granholm and Planned Parenthood. I'm not surprised, but that doesn't mean I like it.

2. The people of the county rejected her once already. She ran against Judge Stan LaTrielle in 2000. She spend well over $100K, but still lost.

3. She hasn't practiced law in at least three years.

Maybe she'll surprise me and do a good job. I hope that is the case.