Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Now this is old school - a duel!

From the newswires across the country.

Cousins Prosecuted With 1846 Anti-Dueling Law

POSTED: 10:41 am PDT September 28, 2005

MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. -- Five years into the 21st century, an 1846 anti-dueling law is being used to prosecute two cousins accused of getting in a knife fight.

"The 1800s are alive and well in Mount Clemens," joked Dean Alan, who heads the Macomb County prosecutor's office warrants division. It issued warrants Tuesday.

Police say the cousins, ages 19 and 31, disagreed Monday over a $30 debt.

The older man brandished a knife and challenged the younger man to fight outside their Mount Clemens home, and the younger man accepted, said Sheriff Mark Hackel. The teen was stabbed in the stomach.

If they wanted to settle it like men, they should drop the knife and use punches and kicks, and drink a beer afterward when it's all over.


Paleoconservative said...

Only in Macomb

Anonymous said...

Try the Dam Site Inn on Saturday night. You might see something like a duel.