Saturday, September 17, 2005

Nanny State Big Government not limited to Democrats

I found this from GOP Bloggers who got this from the AP Wire.

Calif. Gov. Signs Ban on School Junk Food

SACRAMENTO, Calif (AP) - The food served in California schools will be healthier under legislation signed Thursday by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The new laws impose a campus ban on the sale of sodas, set a new nutritional standard for vending-machine snacks, and require more fruits and vegetables in meal planning.

The former bodybuilding champion and fitness expert said the new rules are all part of a new effort to fight childhood obesity.

We don't need big government getting involved here. The best way to stop childhood obesity (not by BS government standards, but the real thing) is by good parenting and exercise. The biggest thing is self-discipline. We all need to get off our butts, lift weights, and run, and encourage our kids to do the same. My hat's off to the individuals who have the top level discipline required to keep in top shape.

What's considered obese? Michael Moore is the obvious, but it's not just the Michael Moores of the world if you use government standards.

If I'm a 209lb athlete at 5'10, able to run a 6 minute mile, and bench press 320 pounds, is that considered obese? By strict government standards (BMI - Junk science), it is. That's a defensive back in college football. I was at 190lbs (Still am, although not in the same shape) when I was in the best shape of my life. By BMI standards, I was considered 16 pounds overweight.

A 6'4 250 NFL linebacker is possibly the best athlete in the world combining speed, stamina, and strength. That's obese by BMI standards. People are either in shape or not. Strength, speed, and stamina are the keys. Weight is a factor, but it varies from person to person.

Now what's going to happen here with the schools? Five day suspensions for Mtn. Dew contraband? Wouldn't surprise me. Drawings of guns got kids suspended from elementary school in the past few years due to the "zero tolerance" craze.

The parents needs to be in charge here, not government.


Anonymous said...

I guess we can look at this as an entrepreneurial opportunity. In districts that have instituted the "no junk food" policy, students have been making runs to CostCo and selling candy bars, chips, and soda from their lockers or from large duffel bags.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me! What's this new conservative movement to keep women from birthcontrol by not having it covered by health insurance? You can't have it both ways boys! Talk about a NANNY state! Viagra is covered but not birthcontrol?

Better leave women to control their lives or their will be big trouble in this party!

true believer said...

What about the law to keep us form mailing beer and wine? I guess we are worried the parents can't control the kids from using the credit card to order wine and beer? Talk about a NANNY STATE!

Why now? We have mailing beer and wine that is made in our state for years! Is it that just those under 21 just like beer and wine that is not made in Michigan?

Let's open our eyes and be true to our beliefs.