Monday, September 12, 2005

Cassis exits governor's race

From the Detroit News

The deck was cleared for wealthy businessman Dick DeVos to challenge Gov. Jennifer Granholm next year when state Sen. Nancy Cassis of Novi, his last challenger for the Republican nomination, withdrew and gave him her endorsement.

"I am ending my campaign and will work for Dick DeVos to advance the Republican agenda to create jobs for our state," Cassis said. "He has an excellent organization. It's polished, and he's very energized and committed."

DeVos welcomed her support, saying Cassis "did a wonderful job of bringing forward the issues."

This most likely clears the primary for DeVos who can now completely focus on Granholm. I would not be surprised if Cassis is the next Lt. Governor.


AuH2ORepublican said...

What would you say are De Vos's chances of beating Granholm? Will his Amway connection help him or hurt him?

And when is the primary? It's still 14 months to the general election, so there's plenty of time for Miller or Rogers to change their minds and enter the race.

Republican Michigander said...

The primary is in August. I don't expect Miller to change her mind, and Rogers is not running.

As for DeVos, I think the economy is his biggest strength. If the economy is still bad, I think Granholm's toast. "It's Engler's/Bush's fault" can only work for so long.