Sunday, September 11, 2005

Livingston County Elections November 8

Today's article in the Argus gave a preview of what is to come here on the 8th. While we don't have the Lansing and Detroit mayoral races here which are dominating the state, we do have some significant races on the local level.

The cities of Howell and Brighton will have city council races. There are six candidates for four seats on Brighton's city council. There are five candidates for three positions on Howell's city council. There are three candidates for two positions for Howell's board of review.

Brighton Township will have a referendum on the controversial tree ordinance.

Linden schools, which includes parts of Deerfield and Tyrone townships, will have a school millage renewal.

Byron schools, which covers parts of Conway, Cohoctah, and Deerfield townships, will have a bond proposal.

Dexter District library will have a millage proposal.

We will report any developments in the races here.

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