Thursday, September 29, 2005

How can this joker be trusted with counting votes?

The latest from that joker Jackie Currie. From the Free Press.

Detroit City Clerk fined for mailing unsolicited ballot applications

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Detroit City Clerk Jackie Currie was fined $250 on Thursday but avoided jail time for violating a judge’s order that she halt the mass mailing of unsolicited absentee ballot applications.

No vote fraud in Detroit, right? Riiiiiiiiight.


Anonymous said...

Many people receive unsolicited absentee ballots right here in Livingston County! Who is sending these people these applications?

Be careful what you wish for! This will not bode well for the Livingston County GOP.

Anonymous said...

Who are Kathy and Joe?

Kevins said...

God forbid we should make it easy for people tp vote, especiaslly working-class Detroit residents. That's the problem you have with this isn't it.