Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Judge Roberts hearings begin Monday

It'll be interesting to see where Judge Roberts stands. I suspect he is a clone of Bill Rehnquist(who passed away Saturday), but I don't know where he stands on issues.

I'm also interested in Bush's second pick. I hope it is someone pro-2nd Amendment.


true believer said...

Who in your dreams is anti second amendment?

I have not heard of one person who has ran for office against the 2nd ammendment. You seem to believe in a conspiracy theory that people are secretly going to take your guns away.

Just be sure you are really about the 2nd ammendment AND NOT WANNABE GUN LOBBIEST.

Don't be used.

Republican Michigander said...

First off, I am the gun lobby. I'm a life member of the NRA. I'm on the PAC committee of SAFR. I'm also a member of the Second Amendment Foundation and Michigan Gun Owners. This is my number one issue, and I'll vote this issue over party.

I don't need to paint a picture of some secret conspiracy. There is no secret, as the voting records and donor records are clear as Lake Superior. Any roll call vote in Congress since 1990 is found at thomas. Any gun bill, pro-or-anti, introduced in congress in the last 20 years is found there as well.

The democrats are in a catch 22. They know that gun control is a losing issue in most parts of the country, including most parts of Michigan (outside of parts of Oakland County, Okemos, some college towns, and maybe the inner cities). However, gun control is a practicaly a religion to a major donor wing of the democrats. The rich white snobs(which also make up most of the media) in Hollywood, Academia, San Francisco, George Soros, The Tides Foundation, New York City, Montgomery County MD, Montgomery County, PA, and Chicago's north shore, are the major donation areas of the democrats. The influential NY Times can be listed as well. The strongest gun grabbers are also the biggest donors, and any democrat who wants to raise major funds needs to keep that in mind. These are the Ted Kennedy's, Pat Kennedy's, Dianne Feinsteins, Rod Blagojeviches, Laura Bairds, Gilda Jacobs, George Soroses, Gray Davises, Mitch Alboms, Bill Millikens(RINO to the left of most rank and file democrats I know), Hillary Clintons, Andrew Cuomos, and Liz Braters of the world. When a blue collar moderate on guns (Rod Klink) emerged in 2000 to take on Rick Santorum in PA, the democrats abandoned the race. They wanted Allyson Schwartz to win instead. Santorum won easily. Democrats who want money, and to be invited to the elite cocktail parties need to keep this in mind.

The DLC Wing of the democrats want to have things both ways, by voting anti-gun, but giving lip service to gun owners. This is heavily pushed by the anti-gun group "Americans for Gun Safety.", which was formed by HCI board member Andrew McKelvey, a billionaire founder of Monster.com. AGS used the long time pro-gun term "gun safety" (since control is a negative word) and moderate rhetoric, but hired staffers of long time anti-gunner Chuck Schumer. AGS pollsters are the same as the DLC(Mark Penn), and John Kerry followed the DLC model in an attempt to have it both ways on the gun issue. Talk pro, and vote anti.

Most gun owners did not believe John Kerry's rhetoric about being a hunter. No hunters crawl on their belly while hunting deer, as he told a newspaper in Wisconsin. No hunters vote to ban .30-30 ammunition as he did - Twice. No hunters say "can I get me a huntin' license?" the way John Kerry thought. The .30-30 Winchester was demonized by Ted Kennedy as a so-called "cop killer" bullet. (Congressional Record S AMDT 2619, Year 2004, Speaker Ted Kennedy)

"""Another rifle caliber, the 30.30 caliber, was responsible for penetrating three officers' armor and killing them in 1993, 1996, and 2002. This ammunition is also capable of puncturing light-armored vehicles, ballistic or armored glass, armored limousines, even a 600-pound safe with 600 pounds of safe armor plating. It is outrageous and unconscionable that such ammunition continues to be sold in the United States of America."""

In reality, the .30-30 is a mid powered rifle round. It is used for deer hunting, and is oftentimes the rifle 12 year old boys use on their first hunt with dad.

In 2004 33 democrats supported this ban, as did Lincoln Chafee(R). Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow were two who supported this ban. Possible presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Russ Feingold and Joe Biden also supported it. In 2005, 30 democrats and Chafee supported this ban.

Secondly, any rifle round outside of possibly a .22 rimfire is a so called "armor piercing" bullet. Most police vests were created to stop pistol rounds, not center rifle rounds. They would stop a .38 special, but not a .30-30.

If the .30-30 is banned, so would all rounds more powerful. That includes the .30-06 which is the most widespread hunting caliber, as well as the .308, less powerful .223, and every single rufle round outside of possibly the .22 rimfile, and maybe the .22.

There's no secret conspiracy to take away our guns (and ammo). It's all out in the open.

The gun lobby is not made up of ignorant rubes. It is not made up of just the gun industry. It is made up of republicans, democrats, Independents, and third parties(small R, Small d, big I). They are in general very informed voters who are active in writing letters, voting, calling officials, and campaigning for or against them. They will walk on broken glass to elect good friends or to defeat antis.

I know very well who is pro and anti Second Amendment. The records are at thomas for everybody to see.

true believer said...

Sounds like you just want the gun industry to be totally unregulated. Is that correct?

You believe the spin if you question the firearms industry, their safety, their quality control in the product, then one is ant- 2nd ammendment.

If you are part of the gun lobby then you must be paid, is that correct?

Republican Michigander said...

The gun industry is already very regulated. It's the only product regulated from beginning to end by the BATF - and that's not good enough for you all?

I'm not paid, but I am a PAC member of SAFR, as well as an NRA member. The gun lobby is over 4 million people. It's also one of the biggest reasons why democrats have trouble breaking the 40% barrier in Livingston County.

The gun lobby is effective because of the number of voters and activists that come from it.