Friday, May 26, 2006

Jay Drick endorsed by law enforcement

In the 53rd District Court (Livingston County) race, Jay Drick has been endorsed by the Michigan Association of Police, as well as Sheriff Bob Bezotte. Congratulations to Jay, and good luck to him this August and November.


Anonymous said...

With chief rival Brennan getting endorsements from leftist groups like the teachers union and the U.A.W. it is clear to everyone where she stands politically. A big concern in the U.S.A. right now are these activist judges who think they have more power than the legislative and executive branches combined. I am deeply concerned that Brennan will turn into one of these activist judges, and her dictrict judge position could turn into a springboard for a appeals court nomination in the future. We need to nip this in the bud and get the power of the three branches back into balance.

Kevins said...

The teacher’s unions and the UAW are “leftist” and communist organizations? You are truly an idiot. Anything else I could say to a lunkhead like you would be wasted. Please vote for Mr. Drick and tell all of your friends to do the same, because an endorsement from a genius like you will go a long way.

RKG said...

I recall a case a few years ago when a kid got arrested in his parents home after the police entered the house without a warrant. The police believed they had the right to enter and the right to make the arrest. The defendant believed that the police had no right to enter the house without a warrant and that the arrest was unlawful. After a great deal of wrangling over the issue the judge (I think it was at the Circuit Court level) ruled the entry violated the constitutional prohibition against warrantless searchs and dismissed the charges. Our prosecutor, Dave Morse, lamented the dismissal, and referred to the judges ruling as based on a "technicality". I was appalled that the chief law enforcement officer of our county would consider the constitution a technicality and even fired off a letter to our beloved editor. So, I now ask a few questions. Is a judge who would dismiss a case on the basis of a constituional violation by the police "leftist" or the kind of "activist" judge we don't want or exactly the kind of judge we do want? Second, do you honestly think the police want the kind of judge who would dismiss a case because the action of the police violated the constitution or would they rather have a patsy who will give them a free pass to do what they want, regardless of the constitution? I know a lot of those folks who support this blog want to make Brennan into some evil creature the voters need to stop. But I think those same folks need to think very carefully about who they chose to support and why. For my part, I want a judge that has the guts to call a spade a spade and protect the rights we value even if it means telling the police they are sometimes wrong. If that makes them leftist or activist so be it.

Anonymous said...

Theresa Brennan was the organizer of a MoveOn.Org Event held on our courthouse lawn last summer to protest the war. She is a woman's libber all the way. She is a Democrat. She was appointed by the worst Governor in the history of our State. She is endorsed by Unions. She doesn't "fit" our community and it will be nice to see who the people want when it comes time for us to cast our ballot. I think Jay Drick is a fine man. A proud husband, father, grandfather, and community leader. He will not legislate from the bench. He supports Life,our right to bear arms, our Veterans, and as the parent of an American Soldier that served in Iraq, would never be caught protesting those that protect our security and step to the plate to serve our Country. It's about time we get to choose who serves Livingston County as Judge. For me, I cast my vote for Jay Drick, the only candidate running that "fits" our community.

Anonymous said...

It serves no one's interest to have a judge appointed for us because she is your "buddy". We don't want another "pretty face", we NEED someone who knows the law, interprets the law, and applies the law. Jay Drick has the experience, the integrity, the temperment, and the trust for this job. We need to elect Jay Drick.


Anonymous said...

To Kevins-

Yes, the U.A.W. and teachers unions are way left of center. This is well documented fact, acknowledged by everyone except for other leftists like you. Of course you refuse to see any evidence that contradicts your narrow view of reality. Incidently, I never said they are communist. Communism refers to a very specific political/economic belief system. For a journalist you sure are sloppy about getting facts right. But then, that is the way your newspaper articles are too.

Kevins said...

To anonymous 1. I have to correct your misinformation, intentional I’m sure. has never organized any kind of rally in Livingston County, but I hope some day they do, they are a great Democratic organization. The rally you are talking about was a support the troops rally organized by Donnna Anderson. I can think if no better way to support the troops than saving them from being killed in a useless war being managed by incompetents.

Theresa Brennan is an independent woman, and in your narrow view I guess that makes her a “woman's libber all the way.” Gee, I haven’t heard that word since the ‘60s and ‘70s. As for the statement about the worst governor, that just shows what a partisan, misguided idiot you really are.

Oh my God, she’s endorsed by unions. Unions have raised the standard of living of probably two-thirds of the residents of Livingston County. Guess what else genius, the endorsement that Dan is crowing about that Mr. Drick got in this post, the Michigan Association of Police, is a union. Check it out at

To say she doesn’t “fit” our community shows what a real idiot you are. Her father was one of the most respected attorneys in Brighton, and Theresa Brennan is a life long Livingston County resident who has lived and practiced law in the county her entire life.
Please, vote for Mr. Drick, and tell all your friends and neighbors to do so too. But please tell them to vote for him for the same reasons you told me.

Kevins said...

To anonymous 2. I agree with you when you say, “we NEED someone who knows the law, interprets the law, and applies the law.” You just described Theresa Brennan.

As I told your misguided friend you posted after you, Theresa Brennan is a life long Livingston County resident who has lived and practiced law in the county her entire life. Not only that, she has had a private practice, and she was also a municipal attorney, representing the City of Brighton. Plus, she had experience on the bench. Mr. Drick is a fine attorney and person, but he does not have the experience Theresa Brennan has that I just described.

Kevins said...

To anonymous 3, who probably is anonymous 1, since he hasn’t the courage to identify himself and stand by what he writes.

The teachers unions are unions are leftist is just plain wrong, they are just as “leftist” as the Michigan Association of Police that dan’s crowing about on this post. You have never showed me a shred of so-called evidence to change my view. You know dam good and well when you call someone a leftist you are calling them a communist. I know you’re an idiot, but I don’t think you’re that stupid. It’s a term used a lot in the Cold War, usually associated with and used as the phrase “leftist guerrillas,” but the meaning is clear. You know that.

Anonymous said...

Theresa Brennan did not oranize a moveon event ever!

She simply attended a candlelight Vigil to honor our fallen troops.

It was pitiful to see Wendy Day and her friends try to disrupt the prayers that were being said for their sons. Wendy and her friends were shouting USA! Usa! USA!

This was not a war protest, not one sign or placard. Just prayers for the families and soldiers.

The Howell police are well aware of what happened. They should have the courage to set you straight.

I have never wanted to emabarass the one sreaming the pledge or USA as I feel they were truly believing they somehow were stopping a protest. The sad part is they all could and should have prayed together. I am growing weary of the lies and hype on this site. You won't like if and when the Dems play as dirty with you. Truthfully I hope they never stoop to the lies and misrepresentations you tell here.

You justify your hate spew by condeming which is just a group of people who believe the country needs to be about people for people and not about making the rich richer and taking a way the American Dream for the rest of our population.

RKG said...

Easy boys, this section is supposed to be a forum for constructive discussion. Reminding each other that you're idiots doesn't help much. The recurrent topic when it comes to judges is whether or not they are "activist." How about some discussion of just what that means and how one is supposed to be able recognize a candidate who threatens to be one, if in fact, being an activist judge is a bad thing. I know both Theresa Brennan and Jay Drick and have been in front of plenty of district court judges throughout the area (yes, Virginia, there is a world outside Livingston County). Picking a judge because he or she is a good person seems a poor criteria. Let's hear some ideas.

Anonymous said...

Kevin S.

For heavens sake, MoveOn.Org is headed by a very wealthy nutjob who wants to be nowhere near any praying. Do you ever fact-check before you just spit stuff out? Makes me wonder about your association with the newspaper if you don't even know good journalism much less good truth.

Anonymous said...

You need to google and read for yourself. Praying? Why do you even think you would have an idea about someone's prayer habits? is not just one person.

Anonymous said...

Theresa Brennan was the individual who organized the war protest in March, 2003. Donna Anderson may have assisted, but it was Theresa who who filed all the official requests, and Theresa who called herself the spokesperson of the event.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where you got any info on who organized what.

However, you might want to fact check a little.

Article here

says it was Anderson, not Brennan.

And it was a candle light vigil to support the troops, in honor of the then 1800+ who had been killed in Iraq. That was 700 needless deaths of American soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines ago.

Anonymous said...

Nope... my facts are straight. You're quoting your "facts" from a newspaper. The facts I'm referring to came from the official paperwork.
The request for the permit to do the protest was filled out, petitioned for and signed by Theresa. The cover letter was written by Theresa. The requests to the police entities were written by Theresa. And it was Theresa who went to the Board of Commissioners to officially request it.
You don't need to take my word for it. Check it out yourself. It's public record.

Kevins said...

The facts quoted from a newspaper are a heck of a lot more accurate than you and the rest of the right-wingers who post on this board. I checked the minutes of the Board of Commissioners meetings on their web site, but I don’t see any mention of Judge Brennan. Here’s the link, you can look for yourself, and when you find it, provide me a link.

Show me the “petition” and the “cover letter.” Also, you’re calling it a protest, and it clearly was not. It was a candlelight vigil for those who were killed up to last summer, but you’re not going to let the facts get in the way of a good smear, are you? Show me any mention of, and even if you can, so what.

To anonymous 5/29/2006 12:08 AM. I am well aware of what a great organization move on is, nut job.

Anonymous said...

Theresa had nothing to do with this you are a Liar! She had nothing to do with the petition or the cover letter. I am not certain if she was even there.

It's stunning what a huge whopper you just told to smear someone!

Kevins said...

This is just another case of dan leaving out a huge chunk of information. We are now hearing much more about the endorsements in this race, more than dan wanted you to know. This is from the May 30 edition of the Livingston County Daily Press & Argus. Livingston County Prosecutor David Morse – an elected officials who happens to be a republican said he backs Judge Theresa Brennan because “she has demonstrated a judicial temperament and a philosophy of handling defendants that agrees with his own.”

"In appropriate cases, she gives defendants a chance, but holds them strictly accountable if she does," Morse said. "One of the big things I'm looking for is to hold defendants accountable ... you don't have to guess what kind of judge she's going to be."
Here’s the link,
So far, Mr. Drick has the endorsement of the Livingston County Sheriff – an elected official who happens to be a republican – and a labor union.

Judge Brennan has the endorsement of the top law enforcement officer in the county, who like the sheriff, an elected official who happens to be a republican, and two unions. I think Judge Brennan's endorsements carry much more weight.

Republican Michigander said...

Assuming the anyonomous poster has found the same information I have.

To clear up confusion, there was two protests in Howell. The last one was Donna Anderson's. The first one was Bob Alexander's in Lansing. I believe for Alexander's one, Brennan was listed as a contact person and helped with organization.

If she did the filing, that's from different information than I have, but if it came from the county itself, I'm sure if verifiable and we'll be seeing that come out in the future.

Anonymous said...

Before you call anyone a liar, let me give you four letters: FOIA Kevin should be familiar with that term.

I told you not to take my word for it: it's public record. The March 2003 rally was requested for, petitioned for, and signed for by Theresa Brennan. Calling anyone names will NOT change that fact.

Kevins said...

Are you the anonymous who said Judge Brennan organized a last summer? That’s not true statement, AKA a lie, so why should we believe the rest of your misinformation. She was the local spokesperson for the rally to try and keep us out of a war that time has proven was a disgraceful waste of human life. Almost 70 percent of Americans hold that view. Like I said before, Moveon had nothing to do with either the vigil last summer or the demonstration three years ago. So if you are that anonymous who wrote that, then the shoe fits. The bigger question is what relevance this has.

I’m also not sure what relevance a freedom of information request has or why I would want to file one.

Anonymous said...

I am not the anonymous that said anything at all about This is my third time responding, and I'm saying the same thing for the third time: Theresa Brennan filed the petition for the March 15, 2003 rally. Period. I responded to the person who insisted that I was a liar by saying "FOIA," it's public information.
My statement to you, Kevin, regarding the FOIA was that in your earlier reply you claimed the facts of the newspaper were more accurate. No sir, in this particular instance they are not. Theresa filed, and no newspaper article can change that.
I have insulted nobody here, and I don't intend to. I have done nothing more than state a fact.

Kevins said...

Well anonymous, - anonymous 5/30/2006 10:59 PM that is – you might consider using your first name to avoid the confusion. The facts of the newspaper report are 100 percent accurate because when I posted that response, the March 2003 event had never been mentioned, and if fact, someone using your name, anonymous, said “Theresa Brennan was the organizer of a MoveOn.Org Event held on our courthouse lawn last summer to protest the war.” Not true.

As I have posted before, She was the local spokesperson for the Michigan Peace Network in March 2003, and she may have filed the paperwork. So I apologize for calling you a liar, anonymous, if I actually did, but because of the lies and misinformation posted on this site as fact it’s an easy mistake to make. In that vain, I am still not 100 percent sure she filed the petition and appeared before the Board of Commissioners, and just because you say so is not proof enough for me. I have posted links to what I am presenting.

But more importantly, you have failed to explain the significance if it actually was Judge Brennan who filed the paper work for the event. So what. As I have said before, this was before the war in Iraq began, and people really believed bush was considering other, diplomatic options. The facts have come out that war was his only goal. Now, the protesters that day are in the majority who know the war was a mistake; they are part of the 70 percent who disapprove of bush and his actions in Iraq. Gee, how forward thinking they were in hindsight.

The newspaper was accurate because it said she was the local spokesperson. It never mentioned who filed the paperwork because it did not matter.

Anonymous said...

Let's not take things out of context. Remarks were made that Theresa had nothing to do with that rally. I stated otherwise.
You indicated above that you don't like lies and misinformation. Neither do I. And I just cleared one up.

Kevins said...

Sorry, you cleared nothing up.