Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Livingston County - Election 2006

The filing deadling is passed. In Livingston County, we have the following.

8th District Congress - Mike Rogers faces Patrick Flynn in the primary and Jim Marcinkowski in the general.

22nd Senate - Valde Garcia faces Barton Hellmuth in the primary and Donna Anderson in the general.

47th House - Joe Hune faces Mary Andersson in the general election.

66th House - Chris Ward faces Mike McGonegal in the general election.

County Commissioners:
1. Maggie Jones (R) faces Pamela Green (D) in the general (Most of Brighton Twp, small part of Hartland Twp)
2. Mike Randall (R) is unopposed (Deerfield, Oceola, parts of Howell and Genoa Townships)
3. Dave Domas (R) faces Jan Vogel (D) in the general (Tyrone and part of Howell Twps)
4. Ronald Van Houten (D) is unopposed (Unadilla, Iosco, Handy (including Fowlerville) and parts of Howell and Marion Twps)
5. Don Parker (R) faces Susan Spagnuolo Charron (R) in the republican primary. No general election opponent. (City of Howell, Cohoctah, and Conway Townships)
6. Steve Williams (R) is unopposed (Putnam (including Pinckney), and parts of Marion, Genoa, and Hamburg Townships)
7. Bill Rogers (R) is unopposed (City of Brighton and part of Genoa Twp)
8. Dennis Dolan (R) is unopposed in the primary. Nick Bosak (D) and Dave Buckland (D)have a primary election on the democrat side. (Part of Hamburg Twp)
9. Jack LaBelle (R) faces Matt Evans (D) in the general. (Green Oak and part of Brighton Twp)

The Township races I'll find out later when I have more time.


RKG said...

I'm curious about Bill Rogers running unopposed. Do you think it's because he's unbeatable or is there just a lack of interest in the job. I seem to recall that he was sort of pressed into service because the person who held the seat before him decided not to run any longer. Any thoughts or inside scoop?

Republican Michigander said...

I'm not sure, but I think it's a little of both. I've heard rumors about him retiring from time to time, but he's been commissioner there at least since 2000 when I started following the county races. That used to be my district back when I was in the Brighton area.

Bill's now the chair of the commission, so he may want to stay for that reason. I haven't been to a meeting in a while and it's been awhile since I talked to him.

As for him being unbeatable - I'd say there's a good case for that. Irene Cahill ran a strong challenge campaign to him in 2002, but it was still a big win for Bill Rogers. The City of Brighton isn't a "gimme" for the GOP(55% GOP), but Genoa Twp overall is 65%+ GOP. I believe it was a 65% win overall, which surprised me to some degree. I expected a 58-42 win, lower than the Posthumus ticket due to Cahill's strong campaign, but with the partisan edge going to Rogers in the end.

I think after Cahill gave it her best shot, the dems couldn't find a candidate there.

I do think that there may be one competitive general election county race, and that's the Hamburg based district. While it's 57.88% GOP (only 55% in 2000), the Southern Tier of the county is more apt to ticket split. While neighboring Putnam Twp went strongest for the GOP probably since Reagan in 2004, it did vote for two local democrats and republicans on a bipartisan ticket due to local issues (Keep Putnam Rural).

There is one other issue here that may flare up election time. If the commissioners keep pushing for millages and tax increases in this economy, there could be trouble for the incumbents on the board. That goes for township officials as well.

Anonymous said...

These frequent requests for tax increases here in Livingston County are a big worry for me. They all say that it's only 50 dollars per year, or it's only 150 dollars per year, blah, blah, blah. But put together all these proposed tax increases really add up to some significant cash.

My family is only getting small "inflationary" increases each year that don't even cover the increased costs of energy and medical insurance premiums much less anything else. We don't make a lot of money to begin with and are looking at retirement in a few years. I am seriously worried that these frequent tax increase requests combined with annual tax increases are going to eventually force us out of our home.

We are really struggling to hang on right now and I know lots of other people that are too. Why does government think they need my money more than my family does? For their fancy high cost projects that few people really care about or use?

I also want to know why it is that government seems to think that homeowners should pay the lions share of running local government. Families that live in apartments and mobile homes only pay a small percentage of the taxes that homeowners do but use just as many services. I'm tired of hearing the old argument that low income people live in mobile homes and apartments. Lots of lower income people live in homes and lots more would like to but can't partially because of the high taxes. All households should pay the cost of local government, not just the few that happen to select houses for their living quarters.

RKG said...

The reality of government finance is homeowners do not pay their proportionate share of the cost of services. Homeowners pay only about 45 cents for every dollar of service delivered. Businesses - retail, industrial, etc. - pay the freight. That's why municipalities need a broad tax base. No one wants to live next to a factory but the reality is that the factory is subsidizing you and your lifestyle. That's part of the reason business owners find the tax system frustrating. I get stuck with the tax bill but I don't get the opportunity to vote on the tax.