Monday, May 15, 2006

Tancredo: "Come home Mr. President"

Rep Tom Tancredo, possible 08 presidential candidate writes in Human Events.

Come Home, Mr. President
by Rep. Tom Tancredo
Posted May 15, 2006

President Bush will deliver a televised address to the nation tonight on immigration policy. It is his first address from the Oval Office on immigration, and if it not successful, it may be his last.

In this speech, the President needs to do three things to accomplish his goals. There is a road to consensus and success if the President will take it. It is not only a path to consensus -- it is a path to success for the Republican Party in November



Writer said...

Apparently the problem with Michigan's economy is that we have a severe worker shortage and need more temporary workers! Just ask Stabenow / Levin / Bush.

Thankfully Mike Rogers has voted the right way on this.

Anonymous said...

The illegal immigrants need to be escorted to the border immediately. All plans to have them stay and the enforcement of those plans outlined by the President will furthermore grow government. I believe they are unjust.

When will we stop the lip service of saying we are tough on crime and start actually being tough on criminal immigration?

When will we keep our promises and act on our platform by stemming the growth of government?

Anonymous said...

this is quite something - they are a bit slow...

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