Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Judicial Races Endorsement Updates

From the Argus
The county's top law-enforcement officials are choosing sides in the upcoming judicial races, but whether their endorsements will sway voters is an open question.
On Friday, Howell attorney Jay Drick, candidate for 53rd District Court judge in Brighton, announced he has been endorsed by Sheriff Bob Bezotte and a statewide police organization.

Bezotte has already endorsed Carol Hackett Garagiola in the seven-person race for Livingston County Probate Court judge. Garagiola is legal and policy director of Michigan's Domestic Violence Prevention and Treatment Board.

County Prosecutor David Morse also endorsed Garagiola in the probate race, and Judge Theresa Brennan in the Brighton District Court campaign.
Drick and Brennan will face Christina Heikkinen, a Howell attorney, in the Aug. 8 primary.

Garagiola and six others — attorney and Hamburg Township Treasurer Roberta Balon-Vaughn, attorney Robert Parker, Juvenile Court Referee Kathleen Oemke, Brighton attorney Suzanne Dugas, Howell attorney Anthony Kandt and Marion Township attorney Lyle Dickson — also are competing in an August primary.

We have a split in endorsements for the Circuit race. David Morse is backing Theresa Brennan. Bob Bezotte is backing Drick. Considering that Morse has to be in her court all the time, I'm not that surprised by it. We'll see what affect this has as it unfolds.


Anonymous said...

Morse is a RINO.

Kevins said...

Talk about spin. Dan, are you Mr. Drick's campaign manager?

Again, a lot is left out of this post.

Anonymous said...

Hey, RKG -

Remember this comment from several days ago, regarding the Drick judge canidacy " . . . RKG said...
I recall a case a few years ago when a kid got arrested in his parents home after the police entered the house without a warrant. The police believed they had the right to enter and the right to make the arrest. The defendant believed that the police had no right to enter the house without a warrant and that the arrest was unlawful. After a great deal of wrangling over the issue the judge (I think it was at the Circuit Court level) ruled the entry violated the constitutional prohibition against warrantless searchs and dismissed the charges. Our prosecutor, Dave Morse, lamented the dismissal, and referred to the judges ruling as based on a "technicality". I was appalled that the chief law enforcement officer of our county would consider the constitution a technicality and even fired off a letter to our beloved editor. So, I now ask a few questions. Is a judge who would dismiss a case on the basis of a constituional violation by the police "leftist" or the kind of "activist" judge we don't want or exactly the kind of judge we do want? Second, do you honestly think the police want the kind of judge who would dismiss a case because the action of the police violated the constitution or would they rather have a patsy who will give them a free pass to do what they want, regardless of the constitution? I know a lot of those folks who support this blog want to make Brennan into some evil creature the voters need to stop. But I think those same folks need to think very carefully about who they chose to support and why.
. . . . "

Did you notice the David Morse endorsed Brennan? So who are you going to support now?

Kevins said...

I think it's pretty clear he's going to support Judge Brennan. Why would he not?

Anonymous said...

OK Kevin, back to Kindergarten for you. A big reason for supporting Brennen was his concern about overzealous Prosecutor David Morse, implying that other candidates might favor him. Morse has now announced he is supporting Brennen. Since Morse is supporting Brennen, RKG should be concerned about Brennen treating Morse with kid gloves. So if he was telling the truth when he expressed concern about Morse, he should therefore now be concerned about Brennen.

It sure is hard to have an intelligent discussion when you have low I.Q. people like you writing commentary, Kevin. You might want to consider learning how to think before trying to write commentary.

RKG said...

I can speak for myself. The Morse endorsement of Brennan surprised me and I'm not sure what to make of it. A good judge is a good judge and there aren't enough of them out there. Attorneys on all sides want a judge that is consistent and predictable. It's hard for me to advise a client to take a plea and stand for sentencing if the severity of his sentence depends on whether the judge is getting along with his spouse or got bad news from the doctor yesterday. I don't really care whether a judge is lenient or harsh as long as I know that they are always lenient or always harsh. I think Morse is saying that Brennen is attentive and consistent in her decision making so if it's not broken why fix it.

Anonymous said...


Pentagon: Iraq Insurgency Strong Into 2007

Kevins said...

I should go back to kindergarten? Well, you might want to reread your post that you’re trying to pass off as actual logic. Where is there any proof that David Morse is an “overzealous prosecutor?” We’re using one case, the Hardesty-Brewer juvenile drinking case, as proof?

As I have said before - which despite your twisted logic, anonymous, you cannot dispute - Morse, the elected republican chief law enforcement officer in the county, sees Judge Brennen in court almost everyday, so he’s knows her qualifications. Saying “Brennen treating Morse with kid gloves” is stupid and shows both your lack of political knowledge and IQ. Mr. Morse did not have to make an endorsement.

The fact is you can’t debate with real facts, logic or reason so you stoop to name-calling. Fine, I know it’s the best you can do because you have not disputed one point that I have made, so you can keep it up; I have thick skin, and I’m used to this kind of debate from your side.

When you learn how to write intelligent, reasoned and logical commentary, come and see me. Until that happens, I’ll continue to set you straight and call you on your nonsense and misinformation.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about KevinS. I've been reading his stuff for a long time now and he has yet to write a single commentary that uses undisputed facts to build a case for his position.

Instead, Kevin fills his writing with rumors, opinions, and allegations. Not once have I ever seen him back up anything he has said with facts. Nothing he ever writes can be proven. And much of Kevin's writing consists of emotion driven ranting and raving, heavily laced with dull insults and name calling. THIS is what KevinS considers to be intelligent political commentary.

When I analyze his writing, it is obvious that he is a extremely frustrated person with a hot temper. No doubt he has experienced considerable failure. We do know that he has failed in college and that he is a failure as a reporter. It is a pretty good bet that he has failed in his love life too. Yet he lives in Howell, surrounded by successful people, most of whom have graduated from a university and now make a lot of money.

Deep down inside he wants to think that he is hot stuff, but his own lack of accomplishment and the low opinion that others hold of him conflict with his self image. This conflict is causing the rage within him.

As to why Kevin comes into a conservative Republican blog to rant, rave, and call names while others try to have intelligent discussion is no mystery either. The Republican party represents optimism, hard work, family values, and success. The Democrat party represents doom, gloom, and freebie handouts. Kevin is attracted to the Democrats due to the sharp sword of failure hanging over his head, and resents Republicans because they represent the success that he longs for but can't reach. Looking for an outlet to vent his rage, he logs onto this blog and lashes out at Republicans.

What Kevin can't deal with is that Republicans coming to this blog read his postings for entertainment. Since he never says anything worth reading, his postings only serve as a reminder of how out-of-touch Democrats are, and motivate Republicans to work that much harder to keep them out of power.

For this, Kevin, we thank you. If it were not for people like you, Republicans might one day forget to show up on election day. But I promise that after reading your rants, Republicans make it a point to get themselves, their families, and friends out to vote.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever been to any liberal Democrat blogs? Every blog that I've been to is filled with ranting just like that of KevinS. The problem goes way beyond him. To be a Democrat these days requires members to check their brain at the door.

Maybe deep down inside KevinS knows that he will only find constructive thinking on sites like this, but just needs to learn how to take off his dumb Democrat ranting hat and replace it with a Republican thinking cap before trying to communicate.

Kevins said...

Well, well, well an anonymous amateur physiologist. I have the courage to use my name do you? Thought so.

Well, I provide links, sources and examples in most of my debates, but I still get accused of what people on this blog do. Fine, I expect attacks, especially when you tell people what they don’t want to hear, know it’s the truth but don’t want to believe it.

The only thing you have said that is true is about the frustrated part. I present well-written thought out argument, and all you get back is this kind of name-calling. It’s frustrating to present a logical argument, and for the most part the response you get back is “yea, well you suck.”

I am very happy with my accomplishments and proud of what I have achieved. I have worked hard for it, and it was never handed to me.

The reason I come on a so-called conservative republican blog to post is simply because I’m here to counter the misinformation people like you are passing off as truth and fact, this is propaganda is being put out by someone in the community I live in and why post on a blog where everyone agrees with me. What fun is that? I expect to be personally attacked, smeared and degraded, but this one is over the top, but it will not discourage me.

You couldn’t be more wrong about the two parties. The Democratic Party represents optimism, hard work, family values, fairness and success. The republican party represents greed, keeping and maintaining power at all costs, repression and intolerance. I am attracted to the Democratic Party because they represent basic fairness and hard work, and I have also had plenty of contact with republicans.

This paragraph makes no sense, “What Kevin can't deal with is that Republicans coming to this blog read his postings for entertainment. Since he never says anything worth reading…” Either you read them or you don’t, which is it? I don’t care why you read it, but I can only hope that the basic truth I am presenting will someday have an effect, and if nothing else, it’s a counterweight to the propaganda you and other people present on this blog.

Whatever reason you and other people choose to vote is fine with me. The more the merrier.

David MacTavish said...

Remember when Morse opposed CCW? Take that in account with this endorsement.

Anonymous said...

You probably ought to leave that KevinS guy alone. You can tell from the way he writes that he is struggling with some serious issues in his life.

Kevins said...

Don’t worry about me, anonymous, I’m used to the constant personal attacks by the people on this board. When you have nothing of substance to offer that’s what you do, and the republican party is bankrupt right now.

Anonymous said...

Brennan pulled the permits for the Moveon.org anti-war rally. Anyone who associates themselves with moveon.org is an extremeist in my book.

Kevins said...

Move on. org has never, ever held a rally in Livingston County. I wish they did, they are a great organization fighting for our freedoms. You can’t even spell extremist, literally, but let me try for you c o n s e r v a t I v e
r e p u b l I c a n.

Anonymous said...

Who cares who David Morse endorses? He does not hold Republican values, he ran as a Republican in Livingston County because he wanted to get elected. Now, who does he support? A Democrat. An activist Judge, a woman who has no children and wants none, and yet thinks she can be fair an unbiased in family matters. A woman who will not take her husband's name? A woman who pulled a permit for a protest against the war and undermined the work our brave men and women are doing to protect us (an activist to the max). A woman who asked to have the rules bent for her protest. No, this is not who we want in our County, sitting in judgment of members of our community. This is her first shot at being elected and I feel certain we will send her a strong, loud message on election day, "no activist judges in Livingston County!!"

Now Kevin S. - you think Democrats stand for family values. How would you describe that family?

Kevins said...

Wow, this post is so out there it’s funny.

Who cares who David Morse endorses? I don’t know, maybe the voters who have elected him to serve as the chief law enforcement of this county for the past 17 years, a man who sees the judges in action everyday? He does “not hold republican values?” What the hell does that mean? Then why don’t the many republicans in this county who do hold “republican values” in this republican dominated county run against him? What you really mean is he’s not an extreme wing nut; good for him. Please tell me what Judge Brennan’s personal life has to do with anything, or what’s even wrong with her choices?

And again, she was the spokesman for a group protesting starting a war without a good reason, and it turns out she and the hundreds of people who were there were right. How did this “undermined the work our brave men and women are doing to protect us” when there were no troops yet committed to Iraq because the war had not started, and bush was still telling us war was a last resort. What a lie that was, it was the only option. Just think if bush had only listened to these people how many innocent people would still be alive and how much better off our country would be. Where are the weapons of mass destruction? How did she “ask to have the rules bent for her protest?” And how is she an “activist judge?”

Yes, Democrats stand for family values. Those family values means when the child is actually born it has access to quality health care from the day the child is born until he grows up, access to good quality public education and the child is able to afford to go to college when it graduates from high school. It means the child will be able to find a job when they graduate where they can earn a decent living and advance with their hard work and dedication. When they retire they will be able to receive Social Security and they will not have to sell their home or mortgage their future to pay for health care or prescription drugs.