Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Jerry Zandstra may not have enough signatures

An unofficial report has him 88 signatures short. Again, this is unofficial.

From the AP

Zandstra struggling to qualify for U.S. Senate ballot

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — An initial, unofficial review has found that Jerry Zandstra may not have filed enough signatures to qualify his name for the U.S. Senate race, a spokeswoman for the Michigan Secretary of State said Tuesday.

If Jerry stays on the ballot, he has my vote. The major reason is because of his stance and knowledge on economic issues. His campaign is the only one I've seen emphasize economics first. Butler's campaign is based on moral issues and Bouchard's campaign is based on security. Those aren't unimportant, but economics is the big key here in Michigan.

If Jerry is not going to be on the ballot, it is unfortunate and will hurt the senate race. However - the worst case scenario is that Jerry's issues have been brought to the debate and the senate race. Bouchard and Butler both want to earn the support of Jerry's backers. I can't speak for all of them, but I'll speak for myself. My support and endorsement will go to whoever has the best economic plan, and who best emphasizes that plan. Security (outside borders) and gay marriage are not unimportant, but they are second and third tier issues to me - well behind the economy, judges, and the 2nd amendment.

Lastly, I will support whoever is the GOP nominee against Debbie Stabenow. Stabenow is a complete joke and embarassment to my state over the past ten years. She's done nothing except vote wrong on 99% of the issues. That's unacceptable, and she needs to be sent home.


Anonymous said...

What would be embarrassing is not being able to get your petition signatures in place. Clearly it's a benchmark.

Anonymous said...

His campaign has always been an uphill battle. I knew he was a longshot but ending like this would be a real disappointment.

The lack of signitures was probably due to his limited resources. He spent a lot of time just traveling around the state visiting with different groups every day and did not have anyone to manage all these details for him. As he gained momemtum he was able to organize a petition drive but it got launched months after everyone else was underway. The fact that he gathered as many signitures as he did is a testament to his ability to win over so many loyal supporters to his cause.

In my opinion Zandstra is still the best candidate that ran this year, but lack of name recognition, lack of support from party leaders, and lack of money finally caught up with him.

If this does turn out to be the end I will probably shift my support to Butler. I have always liked Butler and his stock went way up in my book when he also endorsed the Pro-life amendment that got Zandstra in to trouble with Michigan RTL.

I'm guessing that a Zandstra withdrawl will probably benefit Butler the most based on comments that I've heard from other people. Bouchard may be the fundraising leader, but many conservatives are concerned that he may turn out to be another RINO republican in the Senate.

Anonymous said...

I found this snippet from Saul's blog to be interesting

"Lansing Attorney Brian LAXTON, of the Reynolds Law Firm and a contributor to the Ingham County Republican Party, filed a challenge claiming that 2,985 of the 15,710 nominating signatures turned in by Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jerry ZANDSTRA are not valid.

In addition, the Secretary of State's Bureau of Elections has apparently found that Zandstra's filing fell 63 signatures short of the required 15,000 valid signatures."

Why is Laxton contesting the signatures and who does he represent? It does not make sense to shoot a corpse so obviously Laxton's client is worried that Zandstra might prevail after all.

Also interesting:

"I also noticed that the Bureau of Election had the total number that I turned in at 15,317," Zandstra said. "I turned in 15,710. What happened to the other ones? Obviously, they could have made a difference. I think I might be able to challenge this."

Why the discrepency between the number turned in and the number reported?

Anonymous said...

I've been very unhappy with the way Saul has handled this. I thought his comments were very cold and crude. Overall I've been very disappointed with Saul's lack of diplomacy and statesmanship skills. Come the next election for his position I will be looking for someone with a little more tact.

Anonymous said...

This is Bull! It is just people trying to politically correct as Zandstra is the only statewide Republican candidate supporting the MCRI, the rest of them are afraid to tell it like it is. And in the vein of telling it like it is, it is real suspicious that Saul was blogging last week about how Teri Land and Mike Bouchard were campaigning together across the UP last week and a few days later Teri is passing judgment on Zandstra's petitions. And do not give me the garbage about career civil servants reviewing the petitions, they all work for Land and if she does not like their work they will be selling license tabs in Onaway.

Anonymous said...

I've not been pleased with Saul's conduct in this race. Zandstra ruffled his feathers by ignoring the carefully laid plans of the Michigan Republican Party in annointing Butler. During the last few months Saul has been dropping a lot of comments designed to make it look like Zandstra was about to pull out. But Zandstra himself has never said anything like this. Sauls comments were intended to scare people away from supporting Zandstra and thus make it true.

Also, I've been pretty angry about the lack of support for MCRI by nearly the entire Republican establishment in Michigan. What a bunch of spineless worms.

Anonymous said...

The Michigan Republican Party does not support MCRI. It is a fact, don't expect it to change. Is there one Republican candidate in the state of Michigan who supports MCRI?
Hint, no one supports MCRI, not even Republicans.

Anonymous said...

You are half right. Zandstra supported the MCRI but I know of no other candidate that did. But there is very strong support for the MCRI amongst grass roots Republicans.

Everyone understands the politics behind this. MCRI would eliminate some preferential treatment for blacks. The Republican party wants to attract black voters, so they have turned their back on the principle of equality in an effort to try and win them over. Incidentially, I talked to a few candidates who admit that they are opposed to affirmative action but are afraid to take a public stand on it. Zandstra is a good example of this. He stood up for what is right and was ostracized by the party leadership in Michigan.

For my part I have stopped donating money to or giving any support to the Republican party. I now evaluate each candidate individually and only give money to candidates that I agree with. I will continue to volunteer to work on campaigns but it will only be for specific candidates, not for any general Republican party efforts.

If the Republican party wants support from people like me it will need to return to its roots and honor its basic principles.

Anonymous said...

We already have a political party for people who are afraid to admit what they really believe. They call themselves Democrats. As far as I'm concerned, any Republican that refuses to be up front and honest about core beliefs is unfit for public office.

patrick flynn said...

I support the MCRI. To me, it simply could not be clearer.

patrick flynn said...

Oh, and I support the Human Life Amendment to our State Constitution as well with all my heart.

Zandstra stood courageously firm on these two issues.

Anonymous said...

What is courageous about this opinion?

Anonymous said...

Saul and the leadership of the Michigan Republican Party did everything they could to derail Zandstra's campaign. Saul's blog over the last few months has reported many rumors about the impending demise of Zandstra's campaign and each time the rumors turned out to be false. These rumors were obviously intended to erode support for Zandstra by making Republicans believe that his campaign was over. These rumors may have actually hurt Zandstra's ability to collect signitures in addition to hurting fundraising.

The message here is clear: If you buck the leadership of the Republican party in Michigan, they will do whatever possible to derail your campaign.

Patrick Flynn has taken the same risks that Zandstra has. The difference in the races is that the congressional race is not considered to be competitive with a strong incumbant running for re-election, so Saul can safely ignore it.

Anonymous said...

So if the Michigan Republican Party does not support your ideals, why not form a new party that does?

David B. Thompson said...

Already been done. It's called the Constitution Party. (U.S. Taxpayer's Party here in Michigan--they're getting that changed.) Read their platform. It's virtually perfect!

By the way, they've just recently organized in Lapeer and Oakland.