Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Livingston County Tax Increases on the ballot

This fall we will have many tax issues on the ballot. I'll list the increases first, and renewals second.


Countywide, there's going to be a "911 charges" millage. If passed, this will increase our landline phone bill $1 a month until 2011. If defeated, the commissioners have the authority to increase charges 80 cents a month. This will be on the August ballot.

The Brighton Area Fire Department is asking for a 1.25 mill increase for operations this August. This covers the City of Brighton, Brighton Twp, and Eastern Genoa Township.

Hamburg Township is asking for a 10 year 3.5 million dollar bond for a new fire station. It will cost a $250,000 home assessed at $125,000 about $40 in 2006.

The Howell area Parks and Recreational Authority is asking for a 1 mill tax increase over 20 years to pay for a recreational program in the City of Howell and the townships of Marion, Oceola, and Genoa(not sure if all of Genoa or Western Genoa is covered). It will cost $100 a year for a $200,000 home.


Cohoctah Township is asking for a renewal of 1.4404 mills for dust control and road maintanence.

Green Oak is asking for renewals of 1.55 mills for police and 1.45 mills for the Fire Dept. The current millages expire at the end of this year.

Hartland Township
is asking for a renewal of 1.8905 mills for five years for fire department operations and equipment. It is to pay for fire department expenses with the Hartland-Deefield fire authority.

Howell Township is asking for a .9532 mill renewal for road improvement and mainance.

Obviously, our municipal governments think we are made of money.....

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