Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Today we find out who is running

Candidate List - constantly updated
Campaign season has now started. Today is the filing deadline for all partisan elections. The rumors about who is running and who isn't are going to be over at 4PM. They'll be some last minute filings. I'll try and get the local list as well from the clerk's office later today.

So far in federal races:
Governor - DeVos and Granholm have filed.

AS OF 9:16AM this morning.

Senate - Butler and Bouchard have filed. Zandstra and Stabenow have not.
1st District - Rematch between Bart Stupak and Don Hooper
2nd District - Rematch between Pete Hoekstra and Kimon Kotos
3rd District - Vern Ehlers is challenged by James Rinck
4th District - Dave Camp is running against an unknown democrat. Mike Huckleberry is expected to file.
5th District - Dale Kildee is challenged by Eric Klammer
6th District - Fred Uptron is challenged by Kim Clark
7th District - Joe Schwarz faces Tim Walberg in a primary. Chuck Ream is running for the democrats. Others are expected to file.
8th District - Mike Rogers faces Patrick Flynn in a primary. Jim Marcinkowski is running for the dems.
9th District - Joe Knollenberg is challenged by John Ashcraft. Others are expected to file.
10th District Candace Miller is challenged by three dems. Anthony America, Rob Casey, and Robert Dennison all have a primary.
11th District - Thad McCotter is challenged by Tony Trupiano
12th District - Sandy Levin is facing an unknown Republican.
13th District - Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick is facing an unknown Republican
14th District - John Conyers is facing an unknown Republican. Chad Miles is expected to file.
15th District - John Dingell is facing an unknown Republican. Vincent Venucchio(sp) is expected to file.

Livingston County area races.
22nd Senate - Valde Garcia is challenged by Donna Anderson.
47th House - Joe Hune is challenged by Mary Andersson.
66th House - Chris Ward is challenged by Mike McGonegal.

While I have a lot of business to take care of here so I won't be able to be on a computer much in the next few days - after the deadline, I'll be addressing all of the state senate and state house races for profiles similar to the county profiles. The Livingston County races will also be featured, especially the judicial races which are expected to be the most competitive.

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