Tuesday, May 02, 2006

May 2 Election results

I'll post an analysis tomorrow. We (Concerned Taxpayers) went two for four. The LOVE PAC and GOP went one for two. Congratulations to Wendy Day. She ran about as good of campaign as one could run. The biggest surprise to be was Westmoreland winning (2nd) since he had no signs. It shows how popular football coaches are in this county. As a former coach myself, hats off to him. I think he'll be an improvement over the current two who are stepping down.

Good luck to Wendy Day and Phil Westmoreland in their terms.

I think Pratt and Arthur split the conservative vote which hurt both of them.

Brighton and Fowlerville - Joyce Powers and Charles Docusen are unopposed.

Hartland Schools (Two precincts still need to be counted)

Cynthia Sinelli - 670
Dennis Tierney - 448
Nora Kessel - 431
Cari Sinke - 138
Write In (Lynn Burill mostly) - 320

Howell Schools

Wendy Day - 2506
Phillip Westmoreland - 2147
Valerie Webster - 2058
John Arthur - 1768
Jim Pratt - 1658
Write In (Dennis McGuire mostly) - 103

Pinckney Schools (two precincts remaining)
Laura Burwell - 1129
Marcia Jablonski - 938
Richard Gass - 372
Write-in - 11

Howell Library Millage
NO - 3394
YES - 2247

Howell Library Bond
NO - 3438
YES - 2123

Pinckney's non-homested proposal
Yes - 1931
No - 630


Kevins said...

The good news is Day will be the lone voice of intolerance and discrimination on a board of six other reasonable people. She sure spent a lot of money on a nonpartisan campaign. I got two robo calls from her, and they ain’t cheap. It just goes to show you how far the republicans will go to grab power. Now that she is on the board that governs the school system I wonder if she will enroll her own children. By the way, that’s called hypocrisy.
I really think Mr. Westmoreland’s win had little to do with him being a youth football coach. Voters didn’t have much of a choice after Westmoreland and Valerie Webster. I this is a spin site, but how can you possibly spin the trouncing Pratt and Arthur took as “splitting the conservative vote” when they finished a distant fourth and fifth.
I guess your poll was way off Dan.

Anonymous said...

Wendy is not required to sacrifice the her children to the alter of the Public Education system when it needs to be fixed. That she is willing to run a campaign, take a bunch of junk from folks like you, and work her tail off to fix a system that doesn't directly affect her says a lot about the content of her character. She's an amazing woman, one you would do well to learn from.

Kevins said...

“Sacrifice her children to the alter of the Public Education system when it needs to be fixed.” There is so much wrong with that statement. Public education is the great equalizer in this country, and it is what made the country great and created the middle class. Without public education only rich men would get an education. Nor is the public education system broken. Wanting to sit on a board that controls this public school, but then saying its not good enough for your own children is hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

The only hypocrit here is you Kevin S. Having kids in the Howell public schools is not a requirement for serving on the school board. Wendy thinks, and I agree with her, that she has something good to offer the system to improve the education our children get. God bless her.

Kevins said...

How am I hypocrite? You obviously do not agree with my views, and that’s fine. But I do not see how that makes me a hypocrite. What do you call it when you are going to make policy decisions for the education of the kids in your community, but you don’t want those decisions to affect your own kids?