Monday, October 25, 2010

Stop Jocelyn Benson

I wrote about how bad Benson would be as Secretary of State back in April. Since then, I've decided to go more into detail. These were some of the early out of state donors to her race. These individuals want to control elections in Michigan. This is for a "downticket" race that shouldn't affect them.

  • Alida Messinger, New York City - $3400, one of the Rockefellers. Senator Jay's sister. 
  • Secretary of State Project, Santa Cruz, California - $3200
  • Rob McKay, San Francisco - $3400, Taco Bell heir and part of Soros's "Democracy Alliance
  • Megan Hull, Washington DC - $3400 - Secretary of State Project
  • Ellen Kurz, Cambridge MA - $2000 - Former staffer of Mike Dukakis
  • Blair Hull, Chicago - $3400 - Former Senate Candidate, trader, sold his company to Goldman Sachs
  • Craig Kaplan, New York City - $1370 - Project Vote Board of Directors
  • Mary Delaney, Oakand CA - $1500 - Akonadi Foundation  (Also big Emily's List donor)
  • Tom Cosgrove, Cambridge MA - $500 - Dukakis worker, and Huffington Post poster
  • Dan Payne, Newton MA - $500 - Massachusetts political consultant
  • Amy Pritchard, Washington DC, $500 - DC Consultant
  • Jack Corrigan, Brookline MA, $500 - Head Lawyer in Palm Beach County for Gore "Re-re-re-count" efforts. 
  • Patricia Bauman, Washington DC, $750 - Bauman Foundation, Pew environmental
  • Joe Ganley, Wellesley, MA, $500 - Former Campaign manager to Chris Gabrieli (lost to Patrick in 06 primary)
  • Lani Guinier, Cambridge MA, $500 - Clinton's nomination for Assistant Attorney General, supports pure racial quotas and proportional representation on local levels. 
  • Laura Quinn, Washington DC, $500 - Al Gore's former Communications director
  • Ann McPhail, Arlington VA, $500 - International Monetary Fund
  • Holly Schadler, Chevy Chase MD, $500 - Lobbyist, Sierra Club, Clintonite
  • Tom Hsieh, San Francisco CA, $500 - Former member San Francisco Board of Supervisors, consultant
  • Celinda Lake, Washington DC, $500 - Al Gore's Pollster
  • Bill Roberts, Brooklyn NY, $500 - Atlantic Philanthropies - supports Illegal aliens, Aspen Institute, left wing "vote protection" (ie fraud doesn't exist), League of Conservation Voters, Tides Foundation (George Soros),
  • Michael Kieschnick, Palo Alto CA, $2000 - One of the founders of the Secretary of State Project and CREDO (Working Assets)
  • Joseph Sandler, Bethesda MD, $750 - DNC lawyer, advisor, 
  • Myles Duffy, Brooklyn NY, $450 - Howard Dean guy
  • Gene Karpinski, Arlington VA, $400 - League of Conservation Voters
  • Chip Amoe, Washington DC, $366.89 - Lobbyist
  • Spencer Overton, Chevy Chase MD, $250.00 - Obama's Deputy Assistant AG for office of legal policy. Worked with "Common Cause" and NAACP's election team. 
  • Noah McCormack, Cambridge MA, $250.00 - Harvard Fellow
  • Scott Nielsen, Chicago IL, $250.00 - Tied to Soros, Joyce Foundation, and Democracy Alliance (Sec of State Fund)
  • Alvaro Bedoya - Washington DC, $250.00 - Counsel to Al Franken, also associate of Soros
  • Caron Atlas, Brooklyn NY, $300.00 - Fractured Atlas, Brooklyn Arts organization
  • Sanford Newman, Takoma Park MD, $250.00 - Project Vote, associate of ACORN. Where Obama got his start in politics. 
  • Sujata Tejwani, New York City, $250.00 - Camp Wellstone (former MN senator Paul Wellstone)
  • Andrew Tobias, Miami, $250.00 - Treasurer for democrats, pushed for no fault insurance requirements in California, and absolutely loves current no-fault insurance law in Michigan (but lives in Florida)
  • Anne Bartley, San Francisco, $250.00 - Rockefeller funds, Democracy Alliance, and "Grass Roots" Policy Project (SEIU)
  • Christopher Edley, Berkeley CA, $750.00 - Dean of University of Cal Berkeley Law School
  • Becky Bond, San Francisco, $250.00 - Working Assets/CREDO - (Which raises money for Greenpeace and Planned Parenthood [Barrenhood])
  • Kenneth Robinson, Providence RI, $250.00 - Bank Lobbyist
  • Jonah Goldman, Washington DC, $250.00 - Glover Park Group, and Democrat voting pusher
  • Mark Friedrichs, Washington DC, $250.00 - Department of Energy
  • Julia Cohen, Washington DC, $250.00 - Campus Progress (and heads up for vote fraud on campuses)
  • Thurgood Marshall Jr, Arlington VA, $250.00 - Former Clinton Attorney, Third Way
  • Jackie Bray, Washington DC, $250.00, Staffer for Terry McAuliffe campaign (Clintons's DNC guy)
  • Greg Speed, Washington DC, $250.00 - America Votes  (George Soros, Peter Lewis, Herb and Marion Sandler) - also has ties to ACORN, Brady Gun grabbers, Emily's List, SEIU, and a who's who of leftist causes
  • Jonathan Barry, Brooklyn NY, $250.00 - Goldman Sachs
  • Shaunna Thomas, Washington DC, $250.00 - People for the Unamerican Way
  • Angelique Pirozzi, Boston MA, $250.00 -  Organizational Specialist of the National Education Association
  • Robert Richman, St Paul MN, $250.00 - Paul Wellstone guy. Grass Roots Solutions. Consulting Firm tied to AFL-CIO. One of his favorite organizers - Saul Alinsky
 Since then, besides a lot of donations from Washington DC, New York, and San Francisco...

  • $10000 from American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees Union
  • $100 from Jason Bauer who was Oakland County Democrat director that notarized the fraudulent BSTP (BS tea party)
  • $500 from Heather Booth of Washington DC. There's a real winner. Weather Underground, NAACP Vote Fraud support organization, AFSCME, SDS, ACORN, etc,etc. 
  • $375 from Robert Brandon, a DC Democrat lobbyist.
  • $200 from Christine Chae in DC area. Fannie Mae trader. (Bailout!)
  • $100 from Chicago's Robert Creamer. Convicted Felon and husband of Chicago Congresscritter Jan Schakowski. 
  • $1000 from Howard Dean's group, Democracy for America (What the hell does he want with Michigan's downticket race)
  • $350 from Berkeley's Maria Echaveste, part of George Sorors's Center for American Progress and former Clinton aide
  • $5000 from Radical Pro Abortion Emily's List.
  • $350 from Ivan Frishberg in DC. "Environment America" which opposed our auto industry.
  • $250 from Lindsay Hodel of Denver. "Colorado Progressive Coalition". What the hell are they doing here?
  • $15000 from IBEW
I've barely made a dent here, but the point's been made. It's time to tell these out of state interests and lobbyists to stay the hell out of Michigan, and we can do that by telling the carpetbagging Jocelyn Benson to hit the road with a major defeat this November. We don't need our own Jennifer Brunner here.

Protect our elections. Vote for Ruth Johnson.


Communications guru said...

And what point is that? That Benson is far more qualified to be SOS than a career politician like Johnson? I thought teabggers like you didn't like career politicians? Another teabgger myth debunked.

Johnson both refuses to take a pledge of nonpartisanship and, like all Republicans, refuses to debate Benson.

All you proved is that a highly intelligent and qualified woman who has degrees from Wellesley College, Oxford University in the United Kingdom and Harvard Law has friends all over the country.

Angie said...

I'm with you, and I wrote about here here:

Non-partisan, my butt. This is the face of evil.

Communications guru said...

That is correct. Benson has taken a pledge of non-partisanship. Why hasn’t a career politician like Johnson taken one?

Johnson may be wrong and a career politician, but she is not evil.

Angie said...

Sorry CG, but I was agreeing with the blogger. Benson is working for Soros - that's evil.

Communications guru said...

Benson is working for the voters and drivers of Michigan. She nor George Soros is evil, and just because he supports Democrats and fair elections does not make him evil. In fact, he is the opposite. I know most rich Republicans inherit their wealth, but Soros is a self-made man and a humanitarian.

Angie said...

Interesting. Kennedys are self made...oh wait. Well, there's John Kerry...maybe not...Herb Kohl? Jay Rockefeller?

I'm striking out here.

Do you seriously believe the stuff that comes out of your fingers? Soros admitted that he had no guilt about working with the Nazis. Some humanitarian, he is.

Dan said...

This so called humanitarian is a convicted criminal. Insider Trading.

He also broke the bank of England and is actively going against the US economy.

Soros is ten times the threat to the US than radical Islam, and it is high time people realize that.

Communications guru said...

Are you freaking serious? You sure are a Republican. If you’re going to lie, go big, and you sure did. “Soros is ten times the threat to the US than radical Islam, and it is high time people realize that?” Please. You are so full of shit. Just because there is one liberal billionaire that knew what a disaster Bush would be you have that much hate? How pathetic.

Yes, he has a long list of humanitarianism. Tell me, what has Richard Mellon Scaife, the Koch brothers or the thousands of rightwing billionaires done to better mankind? Perhaps provided funds to help black students attend the University of Cape Town in apartheid South Africa, funding dissident movements behind the iron curtain or money to help civilians during the siege of Sarajevo? I didn’t think so.

As for this crap about a felony that is under appeal, according the the NYT, “The French stock market regulatory authority investigated the matter separately and concluded that Soros had not violated the law or any ethical rules.” It also said it was “the first blemish on his five-decade investing career.”

You want to see a felon, take a look at Bush’s buddy Kenny Boy Lay, or the rest of the Enron crooks.

This Bank of England crap is just that. I didn’t know you hated capitalists.

Communications guru said...

There is no comparison to the amount of rightwing billons compared to liberal billionaires. No comparison. You just about named them all.

Yes, “I believe the stuff that comes out of my fingers” because it’s true. I challenge you to prove otherwise.

“Soros admitted that he had no guilt about working with the Nazis?” Where did you get that lie? Did you pull it out of your ass, or pick it up from a rightwing blog? He was a 13-year-old Hungarian Jew in 1944, you twit.

Angie said...

Nice language. Do you kiss your Mom with that mouth?

Soros admitted to cooperating with the Nazis, and having absolutely no regrets about it, in a 60 Minutes interview. Google is your friend.

Class warfare - yawn. Let me know when poor guy gives you a job, ok?

Angie said...

And by the way, study after study prove that conservatives give far more to charity than liberals do. So you fail on that, too.