Saturday, October 03, 2009

AFP: Opening Speaker - Newt Gingrich

Our first speaker is Newt Gingrich. Remember when we had a balanced budget? Thanks, Newt.

Gingrich made the point. With Obama's election, this was "their moment." "Their moment" was Henry Waxman (elected in 1972) and Nancy Pelosi. The dems are moving heavily to the left. The Stimulus is the 1st warning. It had to be passed immediately so that we would not read it. Socialism - the left - has been defeated - in Europe. Italy, Germany, and even France. The socialist wing of the party will lead the dems to defeat.

In 1977, real change as happened. Carter was wildly popular, more than Obama. Then inflation, unemployment, gas shortgage created by government, Soviet invasion of Afghanastan.

An example of the poor policy was the gas shortage was the rule on who could fill up the gas tank based on license plate. A father gave his 13 year old son a screwdriver to swap license plates to the car that needs to be filled up. A conservative would repeal the program. The liberal would hire license plate police.

Newt has a few points.

1. Have to have candidates every level to new solutions and apply principles. All elections. From city to president. Recruit someone new. In the end, real power comes from ballot box. Non partisan. Primary and general.

2. Learn to campaign effective. Better than left in organizing. Don't write off neighborhood. Don't write off people. 365 days a year. Not last 60 days.

3. Win the argument. Thatcher - win argument and then vote. 1993 and 1997 - President make argument so starkly that people say that's wrong. Obama needs to be on all talk help us.

Newt says that good advertising kills bad products faster. Great orator with wrong philosophy teaches faster that the policy is wrong. (Increase energy costs? with 9.8% unemployment) The Feds can't organize flu vaccine but want to take over health care?

Newt on Obama in Copenhagen - Danger of admin. "I remember when Atlanta got olympics. Andy Young worked for months. Atlanta team worked for years. If Obama had steady consistant plan, Chicago might have won. You can't lead by spur of the moment. Smiling and oratory not substitute for work and preperation." Eisenhower first to go to summitt. Firm rule. Months of preperation. Reagan prepped for months. Dangerous to provide leadership out of hip pocket. Serious challenge.

When 9.8% and part timers and lookers. The real number combinging them may be 20% in California. There needs to be economic plan that works and is not a burden like stimulus. Real stimulus - Premise - in world market competing with China and India.

Newt's bold ideas and real solution.

1. 2 year - 50% in FICA including employer match.
2. Compete with China. Match capital gains tax of China. Zero.
3. American companies compete in market. No taking away secret ballot or stregthening trial lawyers. Irish tax rate 12 1/2%
4. Abolish death tax.

In addition to taxes, there needs to be an American energy policy using American energy. Bowing to Saudi King not energy policy. If we had 300 billion in energy in US - revenue and economic results would be a step to most economic and prosperous country.

Newt said that we can balance the budget. As speaker for 4 years, the budget was balanced, with a liberal democrat in WH. During those four years, smallest federal growth since Coolidge.

Overall, these are good ideas, and should all be considered.

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