Tuesday, October 06, 2009

More on the tax votes

While the source is left of center, Ed Brayton and Michigan Messenger has more information than has been reported from the AP wires so far.

On the tax bills:
Among the bills passed were:

HB 5352, which freezes the the yearly inflation adjustment on the personal income tax exemption. This bill passed by a 58-51 margin early in the evening.

HB 5384, a “shell” bill that will likely reduce some exemptions under the Michigan Business Tax. This bill passed 57-52.

HB 5386, which places a 3 percent tax on doctors in order to fund a Quality Assurance Assessment Program for doctors in the state. By establishing those assessments, this bill would also qualify the state for an additional $822 million in federal matching funds for Medicaid reimbursement.

The Doctor's tax was the most controversial.

The voting on this bill began just before 7:15 pm and within a few minutes it became obvious that the bill was going to fail. There were 56 votes against the bill on the board by 7:25. But the voting remained open for nearly another hour, during which time presumably some members were pressed to change their votes.

At 8:21, the chair suddenly ordered the clerk to tally the vote, which was 56-52 in favor of the bill. Four legislators had been convinced to change their votes: Rep. Jimmy Womack (D-Detroit), Lee Gonzales (D-Flint), Dan Scripps (D-Leelanau), and Marc Corriveau (D-Plymouth).

I'd like to see which democrats or republicans defected from the party line. Scripps and Corriveau should be targeted in a big way for their votes.

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