Friday, October 16, 2009

Off the Record

Recently, I was on the TV show "Off the Record" with Tim Skubick and three other bloggers. This was a bloggers edition of the show that is on PBS (WKAR was the flagship) stations across the state. There were two liberals and two conservatives on the show. Myself and Wes Thorp of the Daily Grit on the right, and Michigan Liberal's Julielyn Gibbons and Mitch Rivard on the left.

Now, I've always been a tough critic of myself when I watch myself on camera (I hate doing that), so that will factor in my review. I thought it was a good learning experience for a different type of speaking than I'm used to, but I wouldn't have wanted to turn this into any of my law school professors for a grade. It would have been a decent first assignment to improve on, and that's it.

The Good - I generally keep a good poker face and the same expression the entire time. Some don't like that style, but that's how I am in person on the political stage. I'm much more calm there and show much less emotion than some of the (albeit intentional) inflammatory stuff I sometimes post on this blog. The drawback was that I wasn't as forceful as I could have been. I thought I played decent defense on the first topic. I made sure in a subtle way to throw Andy Dillon's name out there in the gubernatorial portion, since right now he's being double-flanked by both parties. That was intentional. The left is as irked at him now as we were when he pushed through the tax increases in 2007.

The bad - I was overcautious. Too overcautious. I was preparing more for numbers crunching (more my strength) and whether the tax increases were a good/bad idea instead of the process and banter between Bishop and Granholm. That caught me offguard. I should have been a bit more forceful in jumping in than I was. I've always been one to try to choose my words carefully (from dealing with hyper-technicalities in some of my fields) instead of firing away. I spoke a bit slower than the other panelists.

The ugly - I needed to speak faster. I was a step behind in my delivery, and it showed. I watched the show before and thought it was fast paced, but I could not believe how fast the show went. It's something to work on in the future.

In short, I chalk this up to a learning experience. It was a brand new debate format which I am not used to. What got me the win in law school would not help me in this format. I do know what to do next time if I have to deal with the cameras in the future.

Better now, than as a candidate if I ever run for anything.

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