Friday, October 02, 2009

Update from Americans for Prosperity Conference

I'll post more on this tomorrow since I got zip, zilch, zero sleep last night.

There is 2000 people attending the conference. That's a good turnout for a DC area conference.

There was a rally at the Capitol earlier. I have some pics there, albeit cell phone pics. The message there was simple. Less government, more freedom. Americans are tired of big government spending too much and dictating over our lives. A big NYET to big government taking over health care and the abysmal Baucus bill which fines people who do not purchase health insurance. He needs to be drilled out of office for that bill.

At the dinner, there were two major speakers. Conservative talk show Laura Ingraham and Congressman Mike Pence. Normally, politicians do not speak as well as a talk show host. Laura Ingraham was an excellent speaker. Pence did even better. Part of that is because Pence is consistent and is not afraid to critique his own party when it is being fiscally irresponsible.

I'll get more into this tomorrow, but I'll just say if the GOP listened to Pence in 2006, we'd still be in control of congress. If they listen to him now, we might take it back in 2010. (House more likely than the senate)

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