Saturday, October 03, 2009

Jim DeMint, one of the few good Senators in the US, speaking at AFP

Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal was one of the introducers of DeMint and gave a speech. He said that Obama said the stimulus package was supposed to keep the unemployment number below 8%. It's 9.8%.

Biden said the bill worked beyond his wildest dreams.

Cap and Trade worse than the health care bill. Regardless of global warming beliefs, this will do nothing to prevent global warming. It's the China and India full employment act. It will send jobs to those countries.

Debt concern - What happens if China and the Arabs stop paying our debts?

Jim DeMint was the Washington award winner.

DeMint said that it is freedom that works in America and not central control and command. When Washington is afraid of the people more than special interests, freedom will win. What is key is the elections. He also mentioned primaries.

DeMint isn't afraid to buck the establishment. He's backing Marco Rubio and Pat Toomey, as well as incumbent maverick Tom Coburn. He mentioned those three by name. Rubio is the challenger to Obama Stimulus package loving Florida governor Charlie Crist.

Jim DeMint's speech is notable for that reason. Some of the establishment isn't happy about Charlie Crist's challenge. Tough luck to them. Rubio and Toomey need to win their primary and general elections. We do not need more big government "conservatives" like Crist. That killed us in 06 and 08. More Mike Pence, less Ted Stevens.

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