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Part 2 - November 3rd Elections - 2009 - Local Elections

While the big elections in Michigan this November is the State Senate's 19th District, along with Detroit's mayoral and city council elections, Livingston County has its share of elections as well.

First off  - Hamburg:

Hamburg has a recall election on the ballot. It's a simple yes or no question. "Should Matthew Skiba be recalled from the office of Hamburg Township Clerk?" Much has been written about Hamburg in the papers.What happened if there is a recall, which I think will happen as things stand now?

I wrote about this September 3rd:

What will happen? I think Skiba is in a tough go right now, and needs to start defending himself more than he has been. If the election was tomorrow, game over, he's out. This is going to be a real nasty campaign.

So what happens if Skiba is recalled? I have to check to see if things have changed, but I don't believe they have been. The county political parties executive committees choose the nominees for replacement. That means the Livingston GOP and the Dems pick a candidate for Skiba's replacement. I am not on the County Executive Committee, but a different committee, so I have no vote on the replacement. I can give my two cents one way or the other in who to support/oppose, and go with that. I can say that I don't think that works to Hardesty or Hohl's advantage, since they aren't exactly active in the county party. Who's fault is that????? To use one of my favorite sayings, you don't win when you don't show up.

The nominated candidates will then run for the rest of Skiba's term, and face a major battle in August/November 2012.
Fair warning to Hohl, Semprevino, and company. You might not like the replacement candidates if Skiba is recalled. Even though I'm now on a different committee than the Livingston County GOP Executive Committee, I go to many Livingston GOP meetings, and I don't see you people there. I don't think you'll like who the democrats will pick either. I'm going to recommend a real independent voice if there's a replacement candidate after a recall.

Also in Hamburg, is a police millage. 1.5 mills.

Next - Schools.

Brighton and Pinckney have School Board Elections. Pinckney also has a $59,465,000 bond proposal on the ballot. The estimated millage to retire the bond is 2.45 mills. Pinckney also has a millage renewal on the ballot as well.

Pinckney has two candidates running for two positions. This one's over already. Margaret Eibler and George Rogers will win.

Brighton Schools have seven candidates for two positions. I'll have more details on this race later.
Bill Anderson
Joe Carney
Muriel Kaier
Frank Lucas
Randy Swain
Keith Van Hentenryck
Miles Vieau

Some school districts not based in the county, have spillover effect into the county. South Lyon has part of Green Oak. Whitmore Lake also has parts of Green Oak and Hamburg. Dexter I believe has part of Putnam Township. Lansing Community College has areas as well. I suspect Webberville and Stockbridge, but I can  not say for certain.

South Lyon has five people running for two spots. I know next to nothing about their schools outside of South Lyon High being a rival of Brighton in football, at least before the school splitting into two high schools. Don't look for me to make an endorsement here. I don't know enough about the candidates, which are:

Steven Brummer
Frank Domonico
Greg C Downey
George Ehlert
Carl Towne

LCC has seven running for three spots. I don't know enough here for any recommendation either.:
Deborah Canja
Brandon D Currin
Lawrence Hidalgo Jr
Larry Meyer
Thomas Patrick Morgan
Robert E Proctor
Deo Wells Jr.

Lastly, all Washtenaw County based districts (Dexter and Whitmore Lake in Livingston) have an enhancement millage of two mills which is on the November ballot.

Lastly - City races:

The mayor (Geri Moen) and Board of Review positions (Dee Cole, David Teggerdine) are unopposed. There is a contest for City Council. Four candidates for three positions. I'll try and get more on this race later.
Michael Bartkowiak
Dawn Cooper
Scott Niblock
Paul Rogers

Six people are running for four positions. I'll have more on this later as well.
Ricci Bandkau
Mary Ellen Hundley
James Muzzin
Shawn Pipoly
Larry Schillinger
Susan Walters-Steinaker

In the case of the City of Brighton, there is a city council candidate forum on October 26. It will be held at the Masonic Lodge, 315, West North Street. I believe that's by the former post office building. Old timers in Brighton will get that reference.

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