Saturday, October 03, 2009

Hugh Hewitt - talk show host - speaking at AFP

Several things where Hugh Hewitt gave his opinions.

1. "Wait not till November of 2010, but November 2009." That was a point that needed to be made. That is a reference to New Jersey and Virginia elections. On the same note, here in Michigan, we have a big race of our own for the state senate.

2. Health Care. We need to reduce the damages from Obama administration there.

3. Educate people on broken legal system. Hugh is an attorney as well and still spoke out about frivolous lawsuits against businesses and medical providers. We're paying the costs. Plaintiff lawyers bankroll the democrats.

4. Expose and mock the left in the same way it is done to us (Saul Alinsky's rules). When we have the chance to nail ACORN, like Breitbart did. We have to tell everyone about Do not be silent with apolitical friends.

5. Credential young people. They need to learn from us and given responsibility they can handle.

6. Israel will have to take action soon. The US must stand with Israel. There will be a course of hate from the legacy media against them when that happens.


Communications guru said...

Was it any thing like the drunken, underage orgy up on Mackinac? Any episodes of “College Republicans gone wild” shot there?

Republican Michigander said...

I didn't see "CR's gone wild" at either Mackinac or AFP.

As far as Mackinac goes, I got carded, and I'm balding and in my 30's. At the parties I was at they carded (Cox and Bishop). If I was carded, I'm sure those 10-15 years younger than me were carded. I can't speak for the day parties, since I was up at the "Fix Michigan" or "Pundits and Pollsters" panels or suffering through parts of the Michigan State game as they got killed vs Wisconsin.

Communications guru said...

Are you saying the college republican” who wrote the blog entry was lying, and it didn’t happen? Excuse me if I’m skeptical of your alleged carding incident, but even if true so what?

Republican Michigander said...

No, I'm not saying she was lying. The leftists (who want higher taxes on beer) are making it sound like pols did not do checks for underage drinking. That's not the case. This is a cheap ploy intended to blame college tricks on the candidates.

People were carded. Those underage were stamped (in her own words). The college republican who wrote the entry (which I read before it was blocked) said that they went to the restroom and washed off the stamp. That's easily believable. In other words, they beat the system.

I can't blame them for that, although I damn well would not have broadcast that to the world.

Personally, I think the drinking age should be 18. If you're old enough to vote for who runs this country, you can drink a beer. Most 18 year olds do anyway.

Communications guru said...

The “leftists?” I don’t know any “leftists,” but what does the beer tax have to do with the state’s top law enforcement official enabling underage drinking?

Again, just because you say they were carded doesn’t make it true, and even if that were true it appears to have been done with a wink and a nod. You don’t blame the college republicans for breaking the law? I do.

This concept of paying people to campaign is foreign to me. I have knocked on hundreds of doors and makes hundreds of phone alls because I believe in the candidate,and never got more than a bottle of water for it. Hell, I would have worn a synder t-shirt and voted in a straw poll in exchange for a free weekend and partying in Mackinac.

Voting and drinking have nothing to do with each other. I would support lowering the drinking age because you can serve in the military, but you can drink legally in the base club. I was under 21 almost my entire first enlistment.