Saturday, April 23, 2005

State Senate - District 17

State Senate - District 17

2006 Contest
Republican Candidates – Randy Richardville (Monroe), Owen Diaz (Milan)
Democrat Candidates – Bob Schockman (Temperence)

Current Rep – Bev Hammerstrom (R-Temperence)

2002 Results
Bev Hammerstrom – 59.67%
Sharon LeMasters – 40.33%

Presidential results:
Bush – 50.89%
Kerry – 48.26%

Republican Michigander’s prognosis – Slightly leans GOP

District covers:
All of Monroe County

Jackson County – Grass Lake Township, Leoni Township, Norvell Township, Summit Township

Washtenaw County – Bridgewater Township, Lodi Township, Manchester Township, Milan Township, Most of Pittsfield Township, Saline, Saline Township, York Township.

This is a 50/50 district that may become a tossup seat. The GOP caught a break as we were able to recruit our best candidate in Randy Richardville. Richardville won three times in a democrat leaning district based in the City of Monroe. The democrats are running Bob Schockman – the Bedford Township Clerk.

Bush lost Monroe County in 2000 and won it with 50.54% in 2004. He won the Jackson portion (24230 votes) with 54.92%. John Kerry won the Washtenaw portion (34531 votes) with approximately (Pittsfield was split between this and the Ann Arbor district) 50.20%.

Monroe County is the big key as it is over ½ of the district. The Jackson County portion is key for the GOP, and the Washtenaw County portion is key for the dems. The GOP needs to run up big margins in Summit Township, and the dems need to do the same in Pittsfield Township for a win.

Name recognition and experience favors Richardville which is why I give him a slight edge, for now. This will still be a very tough race.

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