Saturday, April 23, 2005

State Senate - District 22

State Senate - District 22

2006 Contest
Republican Candidates – Valde Garcia (Howell/Marion Township), Barton Hellmuth (Genoa Township)
Democrat Candidates – Donna Anderson (Brighton)

Current Rep – Valde Garcia (R-Howell)

2002 Results
Valde Garcia – 68.23%
Jim Swonk – 31.77%

Presidential results:
Bush – 59.67%
Kerry – 39.37%

Republican Michigander’s prognosis – Safe Republican

District covers:
All of Livingston and Shiawassee Counties.
Ingham County - Bunker Hill Township, Mason, Leslie, Leslie Township, Vevay Township, Stockbridge Township

This district is the safest GOP district in Southeast Michigan. 2/3 of the district is in Livingston County, which went 62.79% for Bush. The Ingham County portion is small with 11,000 votes and went 55.40% for Bush. Shiawassee County is taking a right turn from its slightly democrat roots and went 52.95% for Bush. They will vote for socially conservative democrats, but not anti-gunners or pro-abortion liberals. Ingham is more liberal, but too small to make a difference in this district.

Valde Garcia won all areas of the district big in 2002 and will probably do so again.

Barton Hellmuth will not be a threat to Valde in the primary. Hellmuth recently said in the Argus that he would not take any contributions for his race. That means unless he spends at least $30,000 of his own money or hits 20,000+ doors, he is not going to have a chance to win. Valde is also a good campaigner who is active in the community.

As for Anderson, she organized a anti-war rally here last year. While there are varying opinions on the war, these anti-war marches do nothing to help our troops – especially when the purpose of these rallies are for democrats to try and score cheap political points with Bush. These marches would not happen if a democrat were president. also has a strong gun grabbing agenda. and strong pro-abortion agenda - That may work in parts of Wayne County, but this isn’t Wayne County.

I’m calling this one safe for Valde Garcia – in the 70%+ range.


Anonymous said...

You love to call this a war protest when it was a candle light vigil for our fallen troops. Your lies are a distraction and unnecessary.

How pitiful it was when parents were praying for their troops to have Wendy day and her friends shouting USA USA!

The Howell police know the truth about this one. I hope they have the courage to speak up aganist your lies.

Kevins said...

Dan, are you going to correct that misinformation you posted? You are well aware that has never, ever organized a rally here, and it was a candlelight vigil. Anti-war protestors do a lot more than people like you to support them, who blindly follow a failed policy. But the bottom line is did not organize any kind of event in this county. Are you going to correct it?

Republican Michigander said...

If it's on's website, it's a event.

Kevins said...

You're kidding right? That's one of the dumbest things you have ever said. How about showing me your proof, dan.

Anonymous said...


You are slipping, you are not even trying to be truthful anymore.

Just another smear, just another shot at those who really do care about our soldiers lives being treated so cheaply by this administration.