Thursday, April 28, 2005

State Senate - District 27

State Senate - District 27

2006 Contest
Republican Candidates – Adam Ford (Flint), Bob Longlois (Linden)
Democrat Candidates – Floyd Clack (Flint), Candice Curtis (Swartz Creek), John Gleason (Flushing), Jack Minore (Flint), Patsy Lou Williamson (Flint), Carolyn Yuille (Lennon)

Current Rep – Bob Emerson (D-Flint)

2002 Results
Bob Emerson – 66.08%
Cynthia O’Lear – 33.92%

Presidential results:
Kerry – 63.43%
Bush – 35.84%

Republican Michigander’s prognosis – Safe Democrat

District covers:
Genesee County - Argentine Township, Clayton Township, Fenton, Fenton Township,
Flint, Flint Township, Flushing, Flushing Township, Gaines Township, Genesee Township, Linden, Montrose, Montrose Township, Mundy Township, Swartz Creek

This district covers most of western and central Genesee County, including Flint. There are Republican pockets here, but Flint is 83% democrat and is almost 40% of the district. Another 1/5 of the district is Flint and Genesee Townships, and they are also 60%+ democrat. That’s over ½ of the district and puts this out of reach. There are swing areas (Flushing, Gaines Township, Mundy Township) and Republican areas in this district (Fenton and Linden), but not enough to make this competitive.

That said, there is a bigtime primary on the democrat side with several bigname candidates. John Gleason is a moderate state rep from Flushing. Floyd Clack is a former state rep from North Flint who will get a lot of the black vote. Jack Minore is a former state rep from the white part of Flint. Patsy Lou Williamson I believe owns a Buick Dealership and holds a local office there.

I’d like to see Gleason win the primary since he’s more pro-2nd amendment. Jack Minore is even more leftist than I am right-wing so that would be the worst case scenario. Anything can happen in a six way primary, so I can’t count any of them out.

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