Wednesday, April 27, 2005

State Senate - District 24

State Senate - District 24

2006 Contest
Republican Candidates – Patricia Birkholz (Saugatuck)
Democrat Candidates – Suzzette Royston (Charlotte)

Current Rep – Patricia Birkholz (R-Saugatuck)

2002 Results
Patricia Birkholz – 64.29%
Tami Birdson – 35.71%

Presidential results:
Bush – 58.91%
Kerry – 40.07%

Republican Michigander’s prognosis – Safe Republican

District covers:
All of Allegan, Barry, and Eaton Counties.

This district starts off at the Lake Michigan Coast, and runs eastward to the Lansing City Limits. It is a solid Republican district. Allegan County went 63.11% for Bush and Barry County went 61.57% for Bush. Those two areas combined are slightly over 60% of the district. Eaton County is the largest part of the district, and it too went for Bush, although with 53.41%. Eaton County is erratic voting for people on all parts of the political spectrum. They voted for Sue Tabor, but also for Granholm. They also voted for Bush and Joe Schwarz. It’s one of the harder counties for me to predict.

While Kerry broke 40% here, the only municipalities Bush lost were Lee Township and Saugatuck in Allegan County, as well as the portion of Lansing in Eaton County. Lee Township has more minorities than much of the rest of the county. Saugatuck is a liberal and gay friendly area on Lake Michigan. The portion of Lansing in Eaton County is much more democrat than the portion of Lansing in Ingham County due to more minorities and more apartment complexes.

This will not be going democrat anytime soon, even if the dems win Eaton County. Barry and Allegan Counties will carry the GOP here.

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