Thursday, April 12, 2012

George Zimmerman charged with 2nd Degree Murder

This is an update to my old post here. Real quick while I'm taking a break from work.

Based on the facts I've seen, and the speculation I've heard so far, I don't see the case for 2nd Degree murder. Where's the mens rea? I expected a manslaughter charge. I hope this isn't a glory hound or political move. The prosecutors always have evidence and information that is not leaked to the public, so maybe there's something there. I hope they have a good reason for the 2nd degree charge. They might have it and we don't know about it.

Also, George Zimmerman has a new attorney. I was quite disturbed at the IMO lack of professionalism given in the interview to the press by the two attorneys "advising" him before this point. Even if there wasn't a retainer, that wasn't right, and the new attorney wasn't impressed by that. I hope Mark O'Mara does a good job and makes sure he has a fair trial. From what little I've heard, he's an experienced criminal law defense attorney who has dealt in homicide cases in the past.

This still in the beginning stages. He was charged today. Formal arraignment is on May 29th. Zimmerman is in protective custody without bail for now. He pleaded not guilty. It's a long process, and we'll see what happens with the pre-trial hearings.

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