Saturday, April 21, 2012

Jury Duty Questionaire

First off, the new blogger blogspot format absolutely sucks. What the hell are they doing?

As I've been a resident of Livingston County for 30 some odd years, I'm surprised it took until the other day to get the jury duty questionaire. Obviously I'm going to turn it in rather than risk a contempt charge for something that isn't even in the courtroom. Jury duty bothers a lot of people, but I have no problem with it. If they need me, I'll be there, but I highly doubt I'll be called or get past voir dire (Jury selection). Just in case I am, I'm not going to speculate on what type of case this is or comment of any sort until the case is over. I'm not even sure if it civil or criminal. So far all I have received is the questionaire. All people are entitled to a fair trials based on the facts regardless of politics or anything else, and that is something I take quite seriously.

We're see what happens with this over the next few weeks.

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