Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vote Mitt Romney. He sucks less.

Damn this sucks. Santorum's suspending his campaign, so this one's over. Newt hasn't won since Georgia so he's done. Ron Paul won't get enough delegates either. The primary is all but over and we're stuck with Romney.

Romney's my last choice among the primary participants. He's a Rick Snyder type. I hold no illusions that he's a conservative or even a moderate. I'm not going to spin him as anything else than what he is, someone who sucks, but sucks less than Obama. Maybe he'll flip our way a couple of times, but I'm not counting on it based on his Massachusetts record. I better be wrong and he be this 'electable' guy that the chattering political classes thinks he is. If he isn't, I'm going to rub it in everybody's face next time it's said about their candidate.

Unfortunately, the devil we do know IS that bad. Romney won't have such "luminaries" like Tim "Goldman Sachs" Geithner, Kathleen Sebelius (HHS Mandate), Steven Chu (energy), Ken Salazar (dept interior), Janet Napoliantano (DHS), Lisa Jackson (EPA), and worst of all the Janet Reno clone Eric Holder as the Fast and Furious AG. Hillary Clinton is probably least worst there in his administration. Those people will be fired under a Romney administration. That's not to say his people will be great, but they can't be worse than Holder, Napoliantano, or Sebelius.

Kagan and Sotomayor are his SCOTUS picks. We don't need four more years of that. What's next? Cass Sunstein? Erwin Chemerinsky? Stephen Reinhardt? Jennifer Granholm? Romney MIGHT give us a Souter. Romney may surprise us and give us a Roberts. The Commonwealth PAC donated to Justice Corrigan's campaign so there's some chance.

The big issue once again is the Supreme Court. This is the only reason I'm willing to hold my nose, even for a Rick Snyder type like Romney. We MIGHT be finally starting to reign in the abuses under the commerce clause some and at least limit if not overturn the awful Wickard v Filburn decision (and Gonzales v Raich).

These are age of our justices. There is a good possibility that the next president will appoint four justices.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg - 79
Antonin Scalia - 76
Anthony Kennedy - 75
Stephen Breyer - 73
Clarence Thomas - 63
Samuel Alito - 62
John Roberts - 57
Sonia Sotomayer - 57
Elena Kagan - 51

With four justices in their 70's, if three of the four are replaced by libs in their 50's, we'll have a 20 year plus voting block there much like how there was with the Burger Court (which was actually much worse than the Warren Court). Reagan moderated the court with his three picks. Bush I was a wash with Souter and Thomas. Clinton moved it left replacing White with Ginsburg, although Blackmun/Breyer was a wash. Bush II gave us Robers and Alito over O'Connor and Rehnquist, moving it slightly right. Obama's two picks have been a wash, replacing Souter and Stevens.

So, just as I said back in 08 when we were stuck with McCain, and now the worse Romney.........

Time to defeat Mr. "nose up in the air" Obama and serve him up some much needed humble pie.

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Kurt said...

We're NOT stick with Romney, Ron Paul just took the majority of Colorado and Minnesota's delegates as his campaign strategy continues to be effective! In Colorado, former Santorum supporters created a Paul/Santorum tract and have taken all of the GOP chairs!!! Don't believe the MSM, fight with us for liberty!!! http://state.ronpaul2012.com/mi