Monday, April 02, 2012

Prosecutor's race is going to be active

So far three people have announced for the prosecutor's position here in Livingston County. Carolyn Henry, Bill Vailliencourt, and Matt Evans. There could be more running, as well. We'll see. I won't be surprised to see another name out there.

I don't know Carolyn Henry, although I know of her. She was a trustee in Howell Township and was elected after a lot of the controversies that were there. I do happen to know both Bill and Matt. Bill's an assistant prosecutor currently and has been active in the party in the past. He's a good guy. Matt's a defense attorney in Wayne County, and campaigned for office before in Green Oak where we both live. Our paths crossed on the campaign trail, and we have mutual friends in the legal profession. He's a good guy and a moderate democrat.

Good people or not, I'm not looking for a generic "tough on crime" prosecutor to vote for. I'm looking for a "smart on crime" prosecutor who uses appropriate discretion. That doesn't mean weak on crime. We need to be tough on the major crimes and the scum of the earth. Murder, Rapists, Child molestors, Thieves (all categories), domestic abusers. We don't need some dumb Monroe County gloryhoundness where kids are being charged for a stupid Animal House food fight. Not everything needs to be a criminal justice system matter. If the damage is that bad, tort liability should handle that. Those four kids aren't threats to society.

Those who are threats to society should be locked up. Those that aren't should be dealt with in other ways. Fines, restitution, probation, etc.

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