Friday, October 27, 2006

Anti-2nd Amendment group endorsements

This is a good guide on who NOT to vote for. The Brady Campaign to take away our freedoms endorse the following jokers. Let's send these people (all democrats) home.

U.S. Senate
Debbie Stabenow
U.S. House of Representatives
Dale Kildee (5)
Sander Levin (12)
Carolyn Kilpatrick (13)
John Conyers (14)
The endorsed State candidates are:

State House of Representatives

Coleman Young (4)
Steve Tobocman (12)
Andy Meisner (27)
State Senate

Martha Scott (2)
Irma Clark-Coleman (3)
Liz Brater (18)

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Pogo said...

Sometimes when I'm not sure who to support in judge and school board races I look at endorsements from unions in order to find out who NOT to vote for. Yes, those voter guides they send out are DEFINETELY helpful for me.